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New York International Auto Show 2017 (NYIAS) will be held at Jacob Javits Convention Center


Yes car lovers, you are right! It is that of the year! Hundreds of international car makers will present their brand-new cars in New York International Auto Show 2017. The event will take a place in Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, New York. No doubt that NYIAS is one of the most well-known events across the globe.

New York International Auto Show is the first and most-visited car show in North America serving since 1900’s. There have been thousands of new car models met its potential buyers throughout the history. In the show, not only new productions but also futuristic concept cars are being exposed to excite visitors.

Do you wonder which concept cars will be revealed in New York International Auto Show 2017?

We already know that Toyota has a surprise for us in the show. The company has leaked the name of their concept car which is FT-4X. Even though we do not have much information about the car itself, we have tried to come up with some ideas of this brand-new car. If we break down FT, it abbreviation for “Future Toyota” and 4X must be related to four wheel drive. Therefore, Toyota might be looking forward to gain more advantage in the SUV section due to increasing demand over years.

It doesn’t really matter how much we analyze the name and come up with some ideas on Toyota’s concept car, we will not really have a certain image. In order to have a clear image, we have to wait till the show and see it there. Why should we spoil the mystery, right?

If you have plans to visit the show, New York International Auto Show 2017 will officially start on Saturday, April 15th through Sunday, April 23rd. Sounds like long-time, but make sure you visit the show early not to miss this opportunity.

Later, you can pass your observations to your friends and brag about it! : ) See you at the show!

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