Turkish Architect Redesigns Turkish Cities with Unique Series of Illustrations


Hakan Keles, a Turkish architect, uses his skills to redesign Turkish cities with unique series of illustrations called Liliput series. I have to say that his illustrations are amazing and just keeps getting better. Apparently, many people think alike as his Instagram account has reached almost 40K followers recently.

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As you know, the increase of the social media use has turned into an outstanding opportunity for people with skills that make difference including photoshop, after effects, illustration etc. Especially, Instagram has turned into something much broader than a just social media platform. Let me warn you, there are number of different accounts that will make you jealous for not being tech savvy. Apparently, Hakan Keles’ Instagram account will be your next favorite!

His first post on Instagram is goes back to March 2016. He has shown some of his skills with various posts over time. However, his skills on turning daily scenes into a unique illustration went public about a year ago. I must admit it’s one of the most creative accounts I’ve seen on Instagram for long time. Since the beginning, it’s just getting more interesting over time.

According to Hakan Keles’ post on Bored Panda, he introduces himself as an architect, academician and illustrator. He says that he started to draw big characters on the street photos he took with his smartphone. Additionally, the series of these illustrations are called Liliput series which was inspired by Gulliver’s Travels, city of dwarfs. He explains the characters in his illustrations as some being monsters while some others being influenced by real people. Of course, some of them are just used for humor purposes.

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No doubt, the Turkish Illustrator will come up with more outstanding work in the near future as he calls it ongoing Liliput series. To be the first to know, don’t forget to follow his Instagram account!

Hakan Keles Official Instagram

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