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Super Bowl 2018 – Eagles vs Patriots is Live Today!


Yes, it’s that time of the year sport lovers! Super Bowl 2018 is live today, so make sure your party supplies will not meet the end during the game. If you aren’t a fan of the game itself, don’t worry. In the end, it’s just an event to enjoy with your crowd. As many of you already know, Super Bowl is much more than a sport event.

Just like every year, there will be breath-taking performances for both spectators in the stadium and people watching on TV. Let’s look what will be waiting for us during tonight’s event?

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Who will play in Super Bowl 2018?

Super Bowl 2018 will be between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Last year’s winner Patriots are at the final again and looking to continue their series. On the other hand, Eagles have not been successful obtaining the Super Bowl yet. Though, this is their 3rd time making it to the finals. It seems that it will be an interesting final, so let’s enjoy it.

When is Super Bowl 2018?

Super Bowl is today (February 4th, 2018) and will start at 6.30 pm in Eastern Time.

Where is Super Bowl 2018? How will the Temperature be during Super Bowl 2018?

Super Bowl 2018 will take a place at U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Because of the location and season, the game will be held in a real cold day. According to the weather forecast, temperature will be around -1 F.

Small Tip for Sport Freaks: This will be the second time that Super Bowl is being held in Minnesota. The previous game was back in January 1992 and Redskins won against Bills with the score of 37-24.

Who will Perform the Super Bowl 2018 Half-Time Show?

Super Bowl Halftime show’s performer will be Justin Timberlake this year.

Last year’s halftime show was performed by Lady Gaga and everybody enjoyed the event for sure. Only few didn’t. Some of you might remember that Falcon player Mohamed Sanu blamed Lady Gaga’s show for taking too long which might affected their performance in the second half. Let’s hope that this year players will only consider their own performances instead.

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As many of you already know, J. Timberlake has come up with a new album called Man of the Woods. We have been already enjoying his songs with on radio or app like Spotify. Today, he will amuse us with his live performance. This is not his first time performing on Super Bowl Halftime Show. We all know how he masters on the stage.

Yes, I am talking about his co-performance with Janet Jackson back in February 2004. His show has become one of the most memorable moments of the Super Bowl History. Let’s see if Justin Timberlake has gotten any new moves for us tonight after nearly 15 years.

Where can I watch the Super Bowl 2018?

Super Bowl 2018 will be live on NBC with AI Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on the call. If you are planning to see the game on the stream, click the link below.


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