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Finding fair international student services is nearly important as planning your educational path in the United States. As the education industry is becoming much more profitable for institutions, agencies have also started to focus on the financial return instead of providing valuable resources to applicants around the world. As PlatoPost International Student Resources, we are dedicated to break this chain by creating resourceful database and providing variety of services for international students looking to continue their education in the USA.

Have you applied for you F1 Visa? Did you know you can work on F1 Visa?

Since the launch of our platform, we have provided various useful articles pointing out numerous different matters with the help of our contributors. Therefore, consideration of the feedback, we have come to the point that we should extend our services beyond publication to fulfill the need of students looking to study in the US.

What makes our International Student Services Unique?

Although our experience mainly relies on our own path for experiencing international student life, we also continue expanding our knowledge with an involvement of seminars, legal publications, and information exchange with educational institutions. Due to increasing number of students every year, the United States government takes further steps to limit the number of international students taking advantage of the system.

The formation of the law over time causes many students to lose their F1 visa status and end up with an overstay on their student visa. In order to avoid confusion and help more students, we have decided to launch our international student services. In consideration of our capabilities, we will be releasing our services in few different phases so that we will not lose focus while continuing our publications of useful resources.

International Student Residence Services

Residential services for international students almost cost as much as the tuition and it’s not fair for very little offered to students. Why not to use your funds towards your education instead of a bunk bed? We totally agree with you!

You might qualify for international student scholarships offered in the US!

To be honest, this is the most exciting service we are providing for the international student as we aim to make it highly efficient and convenient. In the United States, it’s almost impossible to land an apartment or house that you would willingly live in. In the larger cities, it’s more likely to find a roommate which would increase the variety of living spaces you’d prefer to settle down. Yet, securing a place is a much more complex issue in the major cities, especially with no credit history in the United States. So, that leaves you with fewer options or high financial risks such as paying advance rent.

Without considering paying for any international student services, you can consider number of options including room rentals, hostels, student dorms or residences, or subletting. For these kinds of services, you can use applications/websites such as Booking, Trulia where you can filter your search to narrow it down to your requirements. This will help you to increase your chance to find a room in a nice apartment or catch an opportunity to take over an apartment. However, most space owners do not allow subletting or request a credit check which makes the process complicated for international students.

Currently, we are in contact with number of locations that will open its doors for international students. Hopefully, we will present these residences as a part of our international student services by the fall term so that new students can also benefit from the selection. In the meantime, we will work on how to improve the selection of our international student services.

International Student Admission Process

  • School Search
  • Admission Requirements
  • Tuition and Fees Calculation

International Student Career Services

  • International Student Job Search
  • International Student Paid Internship
  • International Student Internship

International Student Financial Services

  • Tax Return
  • Certification of Finances
  • Financial Aid
  • Fee Calculator
  • Credit Card
  • Loan
  • Bank Account
  • Social Security Number