How to Join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest for your Country?

As Mobile Legends Ranked Games became repetitive, players raise the question of how to join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest. Many people are not able to play because of the National Arena Contest Rules. However, the rules are not strict as players think. Mobile Legends Officials set these rules just to make sure contestants are capable of playing top-notch games. These rules are highly achievable if you are already occasional player. Therefore, it’s critical for game experience.

Before moving deeply into the article, I need to say that national contests are the exact same with ranked games. On the other hand, players fight for their country which makes it more competitive.

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In my previous article, I have explained Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks. Because I strongly believed that the new game mode spiced up the game. Unfortunately, summer carnival season has ended. Yet, I am expected that there will be a similar event in the near future.

Let’s jump into our guide on how to join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest to answer your questions.

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How to Join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest – Rules

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous rules in order to increase gameplay experience. First, you need to select one of the participant country for being eligible to fight. Before, players were able to change their nation periodically. However, Mobile Legends Officials have restricted it due to use for advantage.

Another important rule is that a player should have a minimum of Master level. Honestly, if you’re below Elite level, there is not a lot of chance for success in the national arena contest. Because, most players join these games are pro player at Glorious Legend level with many stars. If your rank is low, check out our guide to rank up fast.

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Another important rule is that a player should have a stable internet connection. This is highly critical for a good game experience.

You can see all the rules here: National Arena Contest Rules

How to Join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest – Session and Duration

The national arena contest games are similar to ranked games. There are 3 games between each country, and winner of 2 games step forward. Even if one country team wins 2 games consecutively, the third game still being played. However, it doesn’t change the result. That’s why people can use these for extra advantage.

How to Join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest – Reward for Contestants

Your reward is directly related with your success in the game. Because spectators award your rewards. During the game, people who are watching the game send gifts to players. In the end of the game, your rewards convert into diamonds. If you attend national arena contest regularly, you will become more popular which will increase your rewards.

Mobile Legends National Arena Contest Tips and Tricks

First of all, National Arena Contests are top-notch games, that’s why you should pick the best hero you play. Even more, you shouldn’t take much risk because this can cause your team to lose the game. In the end, you can show your gameplay skills to attract spectators. This way they will give you more rewards. You need also have outstanding item build to stand out in the game.

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Check out rules and requirements

You must understand the rules and meet the requirements to be able to join Mobile Legends National Arena Contest.

Choose a country to represent

In order to be able to fight in the national contest, you must choose and represent a country. Fight for your flag!

Win games to move forward

The Mobile Legends National Contest works by the elimination phases. You’ll need to win 2 out of 3 games to proceed forward.

Obtain rewards

Spectators will send good players rewards, so make sure you make a difference in the game.