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How to Become the Best Player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Are you also a game freak wondering 24/7 on how to become the best player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? I feel you! Online games sometimes can mean much more than its actual purpose which is wasting time. Even more, sometimes it can cause troubles on our daily lives, but who cares? We are just gamers, aren’t we? Let’s forget about everything else and focus on becoming a much better player to stand out in the crowd. Let me tell you adjustment process is a rough path and it’s only possible knowing with tips and tricks.

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First of all, you need to understand the basics of these types of games known as MOBA style games. DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is the oldest and most well-known MOBA game in the history. DOTA was a patch created for Blizzards historical game Warcraft. Years later, League of Legends has become much popular across the globe. Players claimed that DOTA’s software engineers created the game as a competitor. Anyway, if you have played any of these games before, you will easily pick up the game.

What are the Best Tips and Tricks on How to Become the Best Player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Basically, MOBA games are designed for 5vs5 summing up to 10 players in total. Players’ main purpose is destroying other team’s base. Even though it seems very simple, it can easily become tricky. Let me explain each variable briefly so you can step up your gameplay. There are heroes, minions, jungle animals, turtle, Lord, and turrets. Everything besides heroes are controlled by computer.

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There are three lanes connect both teams’ bases and each lane has three turrets. As a good start, you need to start killing minions while avoiding getting killed. If you get killed by other heroes, they will start making more money. Therefore, they will become stronger much faster, so it will be impossible to catch them up. If you can manage to avoid getting killed while leveling up, all you need to do is stepping into rival’s base!

Personally, I would suggest you to select a lane according to the heroes coming from the other side. If you can manage to match with heroes that you can handle, you will easily become stronger in no time. While I am playing, I see level 9 as tipping point because I can kill the Lord by myself with the build I explain in the ml items.

In this article, I have covered the basic information of the game play. In the future articles, I am planning to provide detailed information regarding different heroes including items to purchase. This is the end for my first article on How to become the Best Player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Guide. If you have any questions regarding the game, feel free to comment on the article and I will gladly answer.

How to Become the Best Player in Mobile Legends

Learn about Mobile Legend Heroes

Understanding heroes is the most important step for mastering your game. Once you learn about heroes, you will find out which ones appeal to game play.

Understand Items and their attributes

According to hero types, you can develop item strategy providing you an advantage to create a road map while positioning yourself in the game.

Make friends

No matter how well you play, you will need to establish a group of friends who complete your game strategy. Due to required game strategy, everybody should shoulder different characteristics in the game. Make sure you have friends filling out the empty positions.

Keep trying and playing

Trying new strategies will help you understand different heroes and styles your competitors might use, so keep trying new game strategies and playing in order to differentiate your game play.

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