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Backpacking Dramas Behind Those Beautiful Photos!


Backpacking has become way more popular – thanks to Instagram and blogging platforms. You scroll down your feed and see photos pushing your imagination about the rest of the world. Have you wondered what was happening few hours before that photo taken? Total misery, but that’s the fun part of it, isn’t it? I have decided to put together few backpacking dramas together to enlighten the story behind those charming travel photos.

In the beginning of 2018, I have decided to go on a short trip in Colombia. Then, I just kept going… My supposedly short trip lasted four months and I ended up visiting 5 countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil). I’ve met wonderful people with outstanding stories. Some has been traveling for 8 years, some ride a motorcycle across the continent. Yes, it’s been so much fun. Honestly, it was a little challenge for me as I’ve always chosen comfort over adventure.

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Many backpackers choose the cheapest hostels, or they just volunteer at hostel in exchange of a bed and few drinks. Although they seem to be very happy, I have seen many of them broke down. In my opinion, I don’t think any backpacker would go through all this trouble if they had reasonable budget. Yet, I don’t judge as these are the stories you will remember and tell in 20 years!

Anyways, let’s jump into my list of common backpacking dramas:

Sleeping like a rock!

Common Backpacking Dramas Behind Those Beautiful Photos! (1)As I mentioned earlier, most backpackers stay at hostels which means minimum 6-8 beds in the room. It’s like a family reunion, right? Nope, not even close! Yes, you should adjust yourself to sleep like a rock otherwise you’ll find yourself killing someone. Your roommates walking in the room 5 in the morning with unbearable smell of cheap alcohol is normal. However, sometimes they decide to pack their backpacks which could become very annoying. These are the most innocent scenarios that could wake you up in your beauty sleep!

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Always be ready for an Earthquake!

Of course, not an actual earthquake except the different parts of the world. The earthquakes I will warn you is the ones cause little shake in your hostel bed. Remember these people have been traveling for long time and most of them are alone travelers. So, people do become more friendly than usual after few drinks. Yes, sometimes this can cause a little earthquake in your bed. Look around your room and you’ll see the bed looking like a tent! You’re safe, not an actual earthquake, so, time for you to go back to sleep.

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Feel High, So High, Life is Good!

Yes, it’s very common to see people consuming drugs, but this is different level of highness. Most mountain hikes you see is few thousand meters over the sea level. So, all backpackers you see on those photos feel high! Sometimes, this could become a reason for a great smile, but sometimes it could lead to altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is one of the worst things in my backpacking dramas list. I’ve seen few people suffering and you wouldn’t want to experience that!

The Unique Taste of the Each Region!

There is no doubt that every place has a taste of their own. Sometimes, they might be amazing, but not all the time. Local dishes might seem charming, but it can become overwhelming when you just continue traveling for months. I have not seen that many vegetarians before in my life in comparison to my 4-month trip in South America. I guess veggies are way safer than the meat huh?

How Could your trip Become Cheaper?

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This is the last one in my backpacking dramas list. Earlier I told you that these backpackers would never travel like this if they had higher budget. However, even a low-budget trip becomes too much to handle time to time. Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of 20-minute bargain for a dollar. Yet, this is the way to go if you’re looking to travel for months with a tight budget.

Believe me, I don’t exaggerate any of these. Even more, I try to keep it suitable for everyone to read, otherwise, there are many more to discuss. However, this is what makes your journey memorable. All the trouble you go through makes that one photo unique and turns your journey into an adventure. If you have anything to add, feel free to share it with us!

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