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Are You Creative but Want Technical Skills? Look Into These Degrees


While being creative is typically a talent that comes naturally, in order to apply that talent, some technical training might be necessary. If you are wanting to gain technical skills in order to use your talent in a particular industry, then you should consider the following degrees.


While you may have a natural talent for knowing where to place the camera, making films is something that you should definitely go to school for. There are lots of technical aspects that are involved in the filmmaking process such as aperture, focal point, shutter speed, and more. You must know the mechanics of your tools, ie., your camera in order for you to utilize them properly. Obtaining a degree in areas of filmmaking such as cinematography, editing, directing, et cetera, allows you the option to work on movie sets, in advertising, at events, and much more.

Audio Production

If you are interested in and have a passion for music, then a degree in audio production might be the right fit for you. A bachelor’s degree in audio will teach you many skills that can lead to careers in studio production, audio engineering and sound design. You can work in a recording studio for big-name musicians, or you can help to develop soundtracks for Hollywood movies. From live events to tv shows, a degree an audio production can give you the option of wearing many different hats while doing something that you love and that comes naturally to you.


Pursuing a degree in animation can help you satisfy the artist in you all while pursuing a career path that can be very profitable and extremely rewarding. Unlike filmmaking where your work might be limited to the way the shot is displayed on the screen, in animation, your work is the actual art being displayed for all to see. As an animator, you can also choose to work behind the scenes for ad campaigns or even utilize your degree along with your other passions such as film or music.

No matter how naturally talented you are, pursuing a degree in your particular area of interest is necessary not only for developing a career, but also to increase your skill level. While you may have talent naturally, getting the proper education will help you to develop the technical skills that are needed in order to take your talent to the next level.

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