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What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships?


I have come across with “What are the examples of the worst feeling ever?” on Quora. There are many over hundred answers and most of them are right to the point. Of course, sky is the limit for this question. However, I wanted to twist the question to “What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships?”. Everyone has their priorities, so that there are great varieties of answer. However, there are some situations no one would ever want to experience:

Not being able to feed your children! Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to support your family? Or imagine seeing how your parents struggle to assure the best future for you. Yet, you never see yourself good enough for what they do. Anyways, in my opinion, family related problems are the worst. Though I wanted to consider this from the relationship perspectives as the feeling I’ll talk about seems weird to me.

Here is The Worst Feeling about Relationships;

You fall in love which is one of the best feeling in the world. You spend some time together, get to know the person, more importantly get used to the person. Although that sparkling in the beginning goes away, you still feel great when you are around this person. You start to make plans and slowly build a life. You find yourself in a situation as if this has always been your life. As if you have never breathed before.

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Whether you marry or not, the thing between you grow into a something bigger. You build friend groups, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Therefore, everyone starts to mention you in conversations together. Because now you are “one piece” together. You complete each other.

No, Worst Feeling about Relationships is not Splitting Up!

But one day, it all goes wrong. It doesn’t even have to go wrong, it just doesn’t work out anymore. So, you decide to split your ways. Now, you have to get used to doing things by your own which you used to together. Yes, this is a bad feeling, but not the worst feeling yet.

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Depending on the people and content of splitting, sometimes they can keep in touch or decide to never see each other again. I understand both. However, either you see this person again or not, it’s never the same. My answer is about the ones who don’t see each other again.

What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships (3)So, you just keep doing stuff by yourself. Trying to get used to the single life again which is a tough marathon. Your friends try to drag you into many different activities and cheer you up. By the way, it never works, let people heal themselves.

You give a chance to dating again and most of the time you compare the new person with your previous partner. You always focus on the down sides and dont let them in your life. Sometimes, it takes months, years to overcome that person. No, we haven’t talked about the worst feeling yet.

Now, We Get to the Worst Feeling about Relationships Ever

One day, you wake up to a new day and go to work or to do what you usually do. Just deal with your usual daily stuff. Out of nowhere, you run into that person in a coffee shop or come across their photo.

Surprise! You don’t feel anything for that person anymore. It’s just blank. The security guy you see when you get to the office everyday means much more to you, triggers more emotions.

What happened to all those things you experienced & planned? Where are those emotions? What about the time you stole from your life just to overcome that person?

I think feeling blank for someone you felt crazy once is the worst feeling about relationships.

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