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Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Kissing Spotted on Camera


According to Turkish News Source, Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Kissing Spotted at airport on her visit to Bodrum, Turkey. Victoria’s Secrets longest serving model Adriana Lima is well-known for her sincere actions. In the past, she has been to Turkey couple of times and built amazing relationship with local people. This time, she will likely to be more welcomed as she’s not afraid to show up with her Turkish boyfriend. There were rumors about her having a relationship with a Turkish man, but wasn’t confirmed until today.

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After attending to a festival in Europe, Adriana Lima has arrived at Bodrum for a vacation. She will continue her vacation in Greek Islands after 2 days spending here. She came out the airport with her long sleeve black sweatshirt, jeans and boots. Adriana Lima came out from the airport exit holding hand with her Turkish boyfriend. They have chosen the public exit instead of VIP section which shows how sincere the couple is. Once they exited, they got on the car waiting for them and left to their hotel.

Here is Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Kissing Photo

Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Kissing Spotted on Camera


Who is Adriana Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend?

Adriana Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend is Metin Hara (35) who is born and raised in Istanbul. During his education, he has become as faces of numerous local and global brands. Once he has completed his education, he has focused on healing with energy. In the last 5 years, he has hold many seminars and worked with thousands of people. Throughout his books and press sources, he has reached to millions of hopeless people. In this path, he has also continued his acting career and awarded “the best young actor” in Ankara Movie Festival.

The most significant characteristic of Metin Hara is his dedication on contributing to non-profit projects. He has been a part of numerous different projects and actively taking responsibility as a board member in one. His dedicated character as a charitable person might have attracted Top Model Adriana Lima.

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