Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Gallery


July 11, 2017 – Yesterday, we have informed you with Adriana Lima and her Turkish Boyfriend. So, here is the updated gallery of Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Gallery. Later, we will update our gallery when we reach to more photos.

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July 26, 2017 – Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Gallery Update

In the first week of July, Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Metin Hara’s relationship has created shock in across the world. Yet, no one has seen it coming. Seems like, Victoria’s Secret Top Model Adriana Lima has chosen love as she states for this relationship. I believe many people was shocked because Metin Hara wasn’t worldwide recognized celebrity. However, I want to say that we are all HUMANS afterall. Mostly, feelings are much stronger than what we have.

Maybe, Metin Hara, Turkish Author is not worldwide recognized writer, but he has accomplished amazing things. Due to high demand, we have created Who is Metin Hara, Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend? article for our readers. Furthermore, I wish everyone would just try to see the good side of this relationship instead making horrible comments.

Most of all, celebrities in Turkey has commented horribly about this relationship. Therefore, they chose to mark Adriana Lima and Metin Hara relationship as PR project. Although I don’t believe these accusations, why people choose HATE? Because many were jealous and even they didn’t believe what they were saying. Otherwise, they would just simply ignore it.

As a result, no matter what people say, I just hope they will have long-lasting and peaceful relationship. This is what our world needs and what people say doesn’t really matter.

Below Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Gallery