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International student guide has been formed to retrieve the useful data and make it accessible to international students studying in USA. We are a youthful platform constantly interacting with other experts in various fields to create beneficial environment. Becoming an international student in USA is not a destination, it is a journey. Having a solid guide will enlighten your journey and allow you to make the most out of it.

PlatoPost International Student Guide will become a useful tool for candidates who are looking to continue their education primarily in the United States. Whether you are looking to apply for an F1 visa, or change your visa to student visa in USA, our guide will be an outstanding roadmap. Many international students studying in USA are frustrated with keeping their visa status in good terms due to not having clear information about the requirements, so we have series of articles to explain details.

Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are willing to show an extra effort to find the most convenient solution to your situation. We are just an email away from you! We have been in your shoes, so we are willing to overcome the obstacles you face.

Why Did we Decide to Build PlatoPost International Student Resources?

In the beginning, we have started PlatoPost project in 2017 targeting for a platform where many international students sharing their experiences. However, we have realized that the more contribution we had level of expertise went down on certain subjects. This situation has created a potential situation where students might be misled, so we have limited contributions.

Another reason we have dedicated ourselves for building an environment for international students is that to create awareness among students. Many subjects we cover in PlatoPost is not only related to international students but also any young individuals who are interested in education. The increasing diversification among society and the term of hate in politics had to be addressed. For this purpose, we have excluded politics and global news from our international student guide to avoid heated interaction among users.

What Are Some Useful Tips for International Students Studying in USA?

Becoming an international student is not an easy choice and requires several skillsets including determination, open-mindedness, and emotional intelligence. Having to study academic subjects in a secondary language is a tough challenge by itself regardless of the major you choose to study. Even if you have certain level of English, understanding certain subjects can become overwhelming with academic English skills.

Open-mindedness is another important value that will play a crucial role during your studies in USA. Remember that your classmates will be coming from many different cultures where you might experience culture shock time to time. If you cannot be open minded and experience issues observing these cultures, you are likely to lose your interest in your classes. Be open minded!

The last skill we will suggest you master are emotional intelligence skills. There are various things that are likely to make you miss your home primarily family and friends. Sometimes, international students experience issues forming friendships due to cultural barriers. However, if you can become an emotionally intelligent person, you can become a part of the community and establish friendships.

There are also organizations providing assistance to international students. However, if you are already an F1 Visa holder, your institution already has an advisor who is designated to help international students. If you cannot get help from your advisor, you can check out our international student guide for more information.

Useful links for International Students: USCIS – SEVIS

PlatoPost International Student Guide
PlatoPost International Student Guide

Why Did we Name our Platform as PlatoPost?

Plato has been named as the most influential philosopher throughout history. He was Socrates’ student and Aristotle’s teacher who were also important figures in philosophical history. We have seen various philosophers have been affected by Plato’s work. The primary reason we have named our international student guide after Plato is the Plato’s Academy. Plato’s Academy has been the ancestor of today’s modern university. So, we thought it would be meaningful for us to name our platform after a historical figure who has planted seeds for today’s educational system.

Source: Plato Biography

“the First and Greates Victory is to Conquer Yourself” – Plato

Conquer Yourself! Just like Plato has pointed out ages ago. PlatoPost has been formed to unite people who truly wants to express their passions, visions, and perceptions to the world.

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