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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for College Students


With the ballooning college debt crisis, many students are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of money they’ll have to pay back later in life by taking a part-time job. There are several options well-suited to juggling academic work and the fast-paced social life of university students. Here are five of the best bets for college students hoping to earn a little extra income while getting their degree.


You’ll have to deal with people who get a little too drunk, but bartending is not a dangerous job compared to others. The best part of the job, according to many in the industry, is the often-generous tips that patrons leave, especially as the alcohol takes greater effect. Plus, many bartenders enjoy the chance to build their social lives while at work, often forming long-term friendships with coworkers and patrons of similar age. In college towns, of course, there is generally no shortage of bars and clubs. Some bartenders take home as much as $200 a night in tips.

Freelance Writer

Writing skills remain in high demand. The wide selection of writing work available on the web makes aligning interests and hobbies with paid writing work possible. Whether you are interested in health and fitness, technology, sports, literature, music, or pop culture, freelance writing online is an opportunity to use your specialized knowledge as leverage for getting decent-paying work which you might find rewarding and interesting. Skilled freelance writers can earn upwards of $50 per hour!

Fitness Instructor

Many people are in their physical prime during the college years. Not only could being a fitness instructor get you a free or steeply discounted gym membership, but you could potentially earn some serious cash teaching group or one-on-one classes. Earning a fitness instructor certification is relatively inexpensive and quick with the chance of a serious payoff. This option is ideal for students majoring in sports physiology or nutrition who can gain valuable work experience with direct applications to the higher-paying jobs they hope to land after graduation. Fitness instructors often make $20 or more per hour.

Administrative Assistant

Working in an office setting has its perks with indoor climate control, experience in a professional environment, and the opportunity for networking. In addition, the work is generally easy, including answering phones, producing faxes, sending emails, generating schedules, and similar duties. Administrative assistants can frequently earn $26 an hour.


Working as a tutor is a great choice for students majoring in education who can pad their resumes with real-world teaching experience while earning significant cash at the same time. Take advantage of the knowledge you have acquired in your specific area of study to pass on what you have learned to a younger audience. You might find the experience genuinely rewarded. Expect to earn around $20 per hour depending on the subject.

Consider finding one of these part-time jobs to help reduce your debt burden and build work experience that will impress future employers as you enter the full-time workforce.

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