How to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends New Season


We are excited about new season although we worry on how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends New Season. There is apparently no simple answer for this question. However, I can certainly give you some tips for turning this process into faster phase. Before providing tips and tricks, I would like to mention that I don’t have a magic wand. My tips and tricks all depend on my previous experiences, so it might not work for you. Having said that, you should also consider replacing my hero suggestion with your favorites for better results.

If you want to understand how you can rank up easily, you must understand the details of Mobile Legends Items as it is the only way of bringing quality into your gameplay.

I want to start with saying Mobile Legends Bang Bang is 5v5 MOBA Game, so you have to be a team player. No matter how great individual player you are, you cannot reach success without excellent team work. You know there are certain different player roles you can select such as tank, fighter, charger, mage, assassin, and support. The best teams usually consists a good mixture of each category: tank, support, marksman, mage, charger/assassin. However, believe me I have seen so many great blended teams with horrible team play end up losing.

I have created this guide about how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends Season 5 in order to point few things about the game. Let’s look into details in the following sections.

What Do I Mean by Teamwork in Mobile Legends?

In principle, all online games are designed for some type of teamwork to encourage people acting together in order to rank up fast in mobile legends. Therefore, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games are the most specialized on teamwork. Each player has a certain role to execute properly for successful results. If there is any persons responsibility limps, teams has to suffer a loss. This is why everyone hates AFK Players on Mobile Legends Ranked Games.

Although there is complaint system allows users to report AFK Players, I personally think punishment is not dissuasive. Whenever I play games without my squad players, I always experience trouble with AFK Players driving me crazy. As their action affect your efforts to rank up fast in Mobile Legends and make you fall back from the support.

Anyway, let’s get back to teamwork meaning in Mobile Legends. I know everyone who reads this article is aware of the game is about battle between 2 five-player teams. In different roles, I usually try to play for different roles with various characters to observe the game deeply. In my opinion, fighter characters play the most critical role in the game because of their balance. Mostly, if a team has a talented fighter character, other characters can easily discharge their duty.

So what makes a fighter character so critical? Let me briefly explain. Some teams use more than 1 ADC characters which sums up to huge damage in a team fight. In this crowd fight, tanks are not able to last long no matter how high their full HP. However, fighters have more balanced health and damage points which helps them to cause damage while not dying easily. Even more, opposite team has to take precautions against fighter character. This allows assassin/charger players a small gap to cause huge damages.

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Team fights are the most critical for showing the teamwork. Sometimes everyone has to contribute while someone can attack Lord or Turrets apart from the team depending on the situation. If I am playing with a marksman or fighter characters, I usually prefer taking down a turret or killing Lord. Even our team loses the fight at the moment, it still provides us with advantage. Identifying your role in the team is the most essential key about how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends Season 5. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice playing with your favorite hero just to ensure victory.

Choosing the Best Hero in Mobile Legends

In my opinion, there is no such a thing as the best hero but there is Best Player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. You should simply learn your own gameplay advantages and disadvantages to match with suitable character. Before, I used to see some characters more than others such as Freya, Moskov, Layla, and Eudora. However, I have started to spot different characters lately including Cyclops, Aurora, Vexana, and Roger. If you want to learn more check our the list of mobile legends heroes.

These characters are relatively newer in the game, so it is understandable players want to play with new ones. Within these four characters, my personal favorite is Roger which acts as both Marksman and Fighter. I also use Cyclops if there is no mage character selected in our team. Both has different specifications to change the games destiny. I feel much more comfortable using Roger and jumping into a fight by causing outstanding critical damages.

How to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends without Cheating

Why would you need to cheat to rank up fast in Mobile Legends? There is a simple path. You should win games in the Ranked Section, so how can you achieve more and consecutive wins? My ultimate advice is to play with players you are familiar with. If you spot a good player in a game, you should certainly send them friend request. This way, you will slowly build your player database for the future games. Maybe, this will be the beginning for building your own squad.

After meeting with number of players, you will remember them by their favorite hero. Understanding their gameplay and characters, you can invite certain players specifically for their roles in the fight. I mostly enjoy Brawl Section if there are no online players at all. Instead of going crazy with players I am not used to, I choose playing with my friends.

As a result, I suggest you to be a team player and understand needs of your own team. You need to be aware of every event occurs in the game to help or request help on time. Map is the most important tool for you to catch up with the game. Especially, it helps you to see opposite players’ movement in order to realize if they are rushing to you.

Being sure about opposite team’s actions is highly critical for causing advantage to your team. Mostly, I move forward to take down turret if I spot three opposite-team players on map knowing that I won’t be rushed. In general, right at the moment I attack turret, they disappear from the map. Then I know, I have to measure if I can take down turret before they arrive or not.

I hope my advices will be useful for you regarding your how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends Season 5 concerns. As I mentioned earlier, this guide is not an official game support and its only rely on my previous experiences. If you would like to share your own experiences, feel free to leave a comment!