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Who is Metin Hara, Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend?


In the last 24 hours, magazine world is shaking up who is Metin Hara, Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend question? Plato Post Online News Platform has been the first news source in English to reveal the photos to prove relationship. We would like to congratulate college student authors for showing extraordinary efforts to provide you with accurate news on time. In order to respond our readers’ question on Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend, we have made a brief research. Let’s find out who Metin Hara is.

Metin Hara is born in June 14, 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. After his early education, he has continued his high school study in Uskudar American Private High School. Upon completion his high school, he has started higher education in Capa Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. During his education, he has stepped into marketing field to earn pocket money. In this road, he has shown outstanding success for become face of many local and global corporations. He didn’t only contribute as a corporate face, but also took a part in publicity projects.

After improving himself for five years, he has professionally shown studies in treatment with energy. His approach, unbelievable talent and “medically impossible” outcomes has made him popular in medical world. Until now, he has helped hundreds of people for treatment. With use of publisher sources, he has relayed his techniques to millions of people. Since 2000, he has held seminars and personal sessions to provide a change for people with rough diseases.

In 2008, he has started his “Trusthuman” project and continued his sessions and seminars with “Another World is Possible” philosophy.

Metin Hara, Lima’s Turkish Boyfriend has a Big Heart!

In 2014, he published the first book “Road” of “Love Invasion” trilogy and sold over 100.000 in first 3 months. The book was on the bestseller lists for about eight months. He is also well-known for his contribution to countless non-profit projects. He is a member in many different environmental and social projects. Additionally, he is a board member in the Life without Cancer Project.

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