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How Hard Is It to Meet Requirements to Study In USA?


There are numerous requirements to study in USA as every country. Every year numerous students across the world apply for USA student visa hoping to study in USA Colleges and Universities. However, many students just lose their chance to obtain USA student visa due to little mistakes on their applications. It’s not a surprise that a country like USA has specific requirements for the application process. Because many students applying for F1 visa is looking forward to spending the rest of their lives in USA. This is why US officials are very strict on visa application review process. Of course, some countries run through much more regulations in comparison to applicants from European countries.

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There are few requirements you must present when you go to the U.S. Consulate including money in the bank, acceptance letter from the institute, etc. However, your chance of being approved is not limited to these minimum requirements to study in USA. If you make a research online, you’ll see a lot of information about the documents you need to prepare. Yet, they don’t even look at many of these papers when you make it to the interview. I’ve applied for F1 visa twice and received 5-year F1 visa for both terms although some said its impossible. Let me explain what papers I prepared and my interview experience for both times then I’ll explain few common questions. So, you can analyze how it’s possible to meet requirements to study in USA colleges and universities.

Are the Requirements to Study in USA same for Every Country?

How Hard Is It to Meet Requirements to Study In USAI will start by mentioning I’m Turkish and the process might show difference for every country. Even more, it might show difference for each case in the same country. So, I hope my experience will provide you a good insight for your preparation. The first time I applied for the F1 student visa, I applied for a language school in US for 6 months in 2009. That time, I was already a college student in Turkey, so I have presented my student ID and proof. This is crucial as they are usually looking for people who have a reason to go back after their studies.

Additionally, you need to present bank statements proving that you can afford your stay in USA including all expenses. If the bank account is not registered under your name, you will need a sponsorship letter from the person who presents their bank account for your expenses. The most important one is your acceptance letter and your I20 showing that you will be studying in USA. Once you provide all your papers, you have a quick interview asking about your future study plans in USA.

Interview Process to Meet Requirements to Study in USA with F1 Visa

This is where you verbally prove you meet requirements to study in USA and prove yourself. It seems like interview questions are very simple. However, remember these are all trained people and they know what information they collect from your answers. If you are calm enough to convince them about you just go there to study, it shouldn’t be a problem. So, I have received my F1 Visa in few days and flew for English school. Upon completion of my term, I applied for college and finished my college study in USA. Upon completion of my studies in 2013, I went back to my country for few years. Because I didn’t feel ready to apply for MBA programs.

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Can You Apply for F1 Visa to Study in USA for the Second Time?

How Hard Is It to Meet Requirements to Study In USA

Few years later, I’ve decided to go back to USA and apply for Master’s Degree in USA. However, I didn’t want to have the prep course back in Turkey. So, there was not many options for my application process as I didn’t have any acceptance letters from US colleges. I decided to apply for GMAT or GRE courses in Miami, but their schedule didn’t suit mine. Due to inconvenience, I changed my mind and decided to apply for a TOEFL course in Miami. My local advisor specifically told me that it’d be rejected as I was applying for an English Course again after 8 years. She was also sure that I wouldn’t get F1 visa longer than my study-term in the English school.

What are the Requirements to Study in USA with F1 Visa for the Second Time?

Anyways, I was ready to take the chance, so I prepared my required papers accordingly and went to my interview. Let me tell you, my application process in 2017 was much faster than 2009. When I arrived at the window for my interview, they asked about study history and my study plans in USA. I told them I had already finished college in New York and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, my goal was to finish a TOEFL course in Miami and apply for Master’s Degree. The lady at the embassy was very helpful and understanding. So, in few minutes she wished me a good luck with my upcoming plans. They didn’t tell me how long my F1 visa would be at that moment, so I had to wait few days. When I receive my passport in mail, I was delighted to see 5-year F1 Visa printed!

Final Requirements to Study in USA

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Finally, you shouldn’t worry about little details too much, just be clear about your plans. Therefore, don’t forget to show enthusiasm about studying in USA because it’s all that matters after all. If you’re also looking forward to study in USA, check out official Student Visa Requirements. In the end, there is nothing to be afraid of as long as it’s your primary purpose. This article has been a little long, so I will create another one for frequently asked questions about how to study in USA.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will gladly answer all your questions as long as I have the information.

How Hard Is It to Meet Requirements to Study In USA

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