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What International Students Should Know About College in the U.S.


The United States is one of the top college destinations for international students, and more than one million international students enroll in American colleges each year. If you’re coming to the U.S. to study, this guide will help you understand some key aspects of American college life that you might experience during your stay.


According to Fastweb, colleges in the United States tend to offer a more diverse range of majors than schools in other countries. If you have a particular interest in an obscure subject, you’ll probably find a U.S. college that will allow you to pursue a degree in that field. For example, Brown University offers a major in Egyptology and you can get a degree in theme park engineering at California State University. Before applying to a particular major, you might want to check with the department head to learn more about the curriculum and make sure that it would be a good fit for your needs.


The cost of a college education in the United States is often at least double the cost of study in other nations, and tuition at private colleges is sometimes even higher. In addition to higher tuition, the United States typically has higher student housing costs, and students are also required to purchase health insurance at most schools. According to NAFSA, students might need to take out a private loan or need some other type of financial aid to pay for these expenses. Some governments provide scholarship programs for their citizens to study in the U.S. Fulbright grants and similar scholarships are also available for international students. Students in certain fields may be eligible for teaching or graduate assistantships that can offset the costs. To find out what financial options may be available at the U.S. schools you’re considering, check directly with the financial aid office at each institution.

Social Life

Unlike many international colleges, students in the U.S. often live on-campus in dormitories, and some institutions require that all freshmen live on-campus. Many colleges have specific dormitories that are designated for honors students or for students in specific majors. Students in the U.S. normally have a roommate in their dorm room. While living in the dorms can allow you to get to class faster, some students prefer to live close to campus in an apartment for additional privacy. According to Duffy Law, most colleges in the U.S. have codes of conduct related to alcohol that apply on and off campus. The drinking age in the U.S. is 21, and many institutions do not allow any alcohol at on-campus facilities or student housing. Be sure to check the policies at your school to avoid disciplinary or legal consequences.

Studying in the U.S. as an international student can be an exciting adventure. Always ask for help if you are unsure about anything during your studies, and consider participating in your school’s clubs for international students to connect with others. Have fun, and study hard!

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