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What type of Visa I need to Study in USA?


There are three types of visas such as F1, J1 and M1 offered to study in USA for international students. Each visa type has different specifications, so you might want to learn more to find out which one suits you. “F” visa type is specifically for international students who are seeking academic studies in USA. In general, most students apply for F1 if they are applying for US colleges & universities. Additionally, students who apply for English Language Programs also apply for F1 Visa. So, it’s the most common type of visa among international students.

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The second type of international student visa is J1. It’s slightly different than F1 visa as it’s only for practical training purposes. Students need to apply for practical training which is not available in their home countries. The other type of Visa is M1 which only covers non-academic & vocational studies. The main difference is M1 visa holders have no opportunity of working in USA.

What are the Requirements for F1 Visa in USA?

In principle, the requirements are very simple. You must have a proof that you’ll be able to afford the term of your stay while studying in USA. In addition, you need to convince officials that you’ll be back to your home country upon completion of your studies. In order to prove your relationship, you can provide information of a family business or properties you own. Every extra information helps you to develop your case though they might not even check most of them.

The most important requirement is your acceptance letter. If you’re planning to apply for a college or university, you should check their requirements first. Because every institution has different requirements for accepting international students such as academic history and test scores. If you want to go directly to college from your home country, you will have to meet all requirements before applying your visa as they will be asking for your acceptance letter and I20 during your interview.

Do I have to Have an Acceptance Letter from College or University for F1 Visa?What type of Visa I need to Study in USA (1)-min

If you’re not sure about which college or university you’ll apply, you can simply apply for college prep courses in USA. If you’re applying for Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in USA, you can apply for either TOEFL or SAT courses. Most of the institutes require SAT score for you to be eligible starting your higher education. However, there are also some schools do not require any exams and provide you with extra pre-requisite classes. This might be a better option if you want to avoid test prep courses and start taking academic classes.

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You can review each institution’s website for their requirements in order to create your road map. It’s definitely a better option to have a plan before moving forward with anything.

Whether you’re applying for higher education or English Language Program, you must have a document called I20. This document will be provided from the institution you’re accepted proving your status. If you don’t have your I20, you can’t get into USA. Throughout your stay with your visa, you must always have a valid I20 to make your stay legit.

What are the Requirements for J1 Visa in USA?

J1 Visa is slightly different than F1 visa status. In order to be eligible for J1 Visa, you need to take a part in work-and-study-based exchange and visitor programs. Mostly, non-profit organizations or educational institutes sponsor these programs. The main idea of creating this visa status is because of international students looking in need of practical training. The training program you’ll be applying must be related to your academic program.

What type of Visa I need to Study in USA (1)-minWhat Types of Programs I can Apply with J1 Visa?

Each individual program requires different specification for applicants. You might want to learn more details about the program you are going to apply for. Here is the list of programs you can apply with J1 Visa:

  • Au Pair
  • Camp Counselor
  • College and University Student Program
  • Secondary School Student Program
  • Government Visitor Program
  • International Visitor Program
  • Physician Program
  • Professor and Research Scholar Program
  • Short-Term Scholar Program
  • Specialist Program
  • Summer Work Travel Program
  • Teacher Program
  • Trainee Program
  • Intern Program

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In the end, obtaining student visa to study in USA is not impossible. However, I believe it’s much harder to maintain you visa status when you’re studying in USA. This is why, think it thoroughly and decide when you are hundred-percent ready to study abroad. Make sure you follow every single instruction of your local advisor to maintain your visa status in USA. Because if you lose your visa status, you might even have a trouble receiving tourist visa in the future. If you play it by the rules, you’ll always have a great welcoming as an international student in USA.

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