Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel

Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students will provide college students to enjoy their travel on tight-budget. As Plato Post News Team, we are comprised of college students relying on our values. This is the main reason we easily feel empathy for college students living on low budget. Therefore, having international student present on our board encourages us to identify their troubles on their savings. Yes, we hear you; there is no room for savings at all. If it’s going to ease your mind, let me tell you that you are not alone in this! Nearly eighty percent of international students in USA experience rough economic situations. We’ve gathered this list together specifically for international students as they are eager to see every place across the country.

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Here is the list of Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel

Grand Canyon, Arizona

No doubt, Grand Canyon is one of the best places to visit in the world. This is why it’s on top of our Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel. You all know how it’s picturized in the movies when the globe fissions. Grand Canyon is certainly has the same style with its huge length and width in Arizona. Approximate dimensions of Grand Canyon is 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width, and a mile in depth. Yes, it’s huge! It’s definitely one of the most memorable place a person can experience throughout their life. Around four and a half million tourists visit this location per year.

As every touristic destination, it’s really up to a visitor to keep the budget on a certain limit. Yes, you can rent a helicopter to visit the sight and pump a champagne etc. However, keeping your visit in the nature limits will help you to experience this beauty with low budgets.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio makes into the Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel list with its amazing history. Not a real fan of history? You can enjoy San Antonio’s other attractions including theme parks, top-notch museums, sports teams and the famous River Walk.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most well-known travel destinations in the world. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the Sin City to the fullest extend? Especially international college students in USA want to enjoy this unique place without hesitation. In my opinion, I’d set Las Vegas on top of Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel. However, Las Vegas might be one of the toughest place to set your budget on limit. That’s why you should reconsider your visit if you won’t be able to control yourself in this shiny world.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

This old town in New Mexico awaits international college students to fill with the historical information. The characteristic of Albuquerque carries on the values of Native American and Spanish cultures within the neighborhood. No matter how you choose to enjoy this old city, we are sure that you will enjoy the amazing harmony.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has little different history as people thought there were monsters and giants lived in the area. This legend has ended with new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nestling in the area in 1847. Maybe today, the region won’t only show a great faith, but also providing great place for hikers and skiers.

If you are curious about religions, there are visitors come to the area just to learn about the Mormon Church. In addition, visiting Salt Lake City will provide you with nourishing stay with history and full of unique nature.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an amazing travel destination with limitless options offered to visitors. Additionally the area is mostly referred as Los Angeles without the Pacific among travel gurus. Similar to most of the destinations in our Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel, Phoenix offers options of having a luxury stay as well as relatively cheaper options. There is an amazing options of high-end shopping, luxurious restaurants and resort life for your selection. However, Phoenix has made it into our list with variety of options available for tight budgets.

The Phoenix City’s most attractive style is being settled as a ranch-town in history. Later transformation has turned this ranch-town into the 6th most populated location in the US. Unlike Las Vegas, you will enjoy the desert landscape in the background. This region is also great option for hikers with countless trails as most visitors enjoy their stay outdoors.

Jacksonville, Florida

It goes without saying that Florida means places like Miami, Orlando, and Key West. However, there are many other destinations people don’t consider visiting for their vacation. Jacksonville might not have shores like Miami and Key West or don’t have theme parks like Orlando. However, Jacksonville provides great attractions for its visitors. There are Jacksonville Zoo and Museum of Science & History for visitors to experience historic and entertaining time.

Native Americans have chosen the region as one of the first year-round settlement in North America. This is being the reason, Jacksonville has an outstanding history carried into today’s society. Although Jacksonville is not competitive enough with popular places in the region; it’s on the rise! We believe that it might turn into a rising star in Florida.

Daytona, Florida

When I hear Daytona, I can only relate it to speed ways. Additionally, many visitors like me visit the area for speed and spring break. Although speed ways attract visitors, Daytona has a twenty-mile beach which is already enough for many. Daytona International Speedway will keep attracting tourists not only for races but also for attractions People highly enjoy numerous different celebrations along the race weeks.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Are you ready to experience real American story of Cowboys? Guess what, especially Oklahoma is the best place for you to visit. Oklahoma City is the most populated and capital of the state, so somethings might be hard to find about cowboys. The region has one of the biggest livestock markets in the world. Therefore the area has attractions like National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Visiting Oklahoma will certainly be a unique experience for you to remember lifetime.

Biloxi, Mississippi

People most likely remember Biloxi as the playground of the South. Similar to Las Vegas, we have to warn you about keeping your wallet closed. If you can succeed on keeping your budget on limits, you can enjoy historic Beauvoir grounds. Hurricane Katrina’s damage harmed the city, but city recovered. Evert aspect in the region has reopened and improved their services after the hit. We are ending our Top 10 Cheapest USA Destinations for International Students to Travel here. We hope to provide international college students with more resources to provide unique traveling experience in USA.

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