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5 Simple Tips to Have Cheap Travel


If you’re looking to have a cheap travel option, you must sacrifice some comfort. Everyone dreams to travel for free, but it’s nearly impossible to obtain this opportunity. Therefore, if you follow these 5 tips, you can make a big difference on your travel expenses. In some cases, some of these tips might become hard to follow, but they’ll create big difference in total. So, why to pay extra if you can have the same itinerary for a cheaper price.

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Have a Solid Plan If You’re Looking to Have Cheap Travel

Planning is the most essential key for possibility to have cheap travel no matter where you’ll be visiting.  Most of the travel plans are becoming expensive due to high transportation and accommodation costs. This is why you should determine your travel dates in advance and book your transportation and accommodation. Even if you have to travel for long-distance, you can have great deals for booking early.

In addition, having a plan means you know where exactly you’ll be visiting during your stay. Make your research and find out which parts of the area would be interesting for you. Then, start a deeper research to find out what is the cheapest way to visit these locations. If you know the locations, you’ll collect great information online. Believe me, there is always someone out there who experienced what you are planning to do. So, use their experiences in favor to reduce your expenses!

Stay at Hostels Instead of Hotels to Have Cheap Travel

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As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you just need to choose better price over your comfort. This is the ultimate way to success on having cheaper travel options. Use public transportation instead of taxis and choose hostels over hotels. Often, travelers make mistake by seeing these numbers as small differences. However, they make a huge difference when you consider them in total.

Especially, if you’re traveling alone, hostels are fun and staying at hostels is an advantage to socialize through your travel. Moreover, using public transportation will help you discover the city you’re visiting, so it’s an advantage. Of course, it might become overwhelming in some places especially if it’s a crowded city with poor public transportation system, but you can still enjoy experiencing a different culture.

Use Carry-on Luggage on Flights for Cheap Travel

If you’re planning to visit multiple locations during your travel, usually flights are the top line of the travel expenses. All the time, new airline companies are being launched 5 Simple Tips to Have Cheap Travel (1)-minand having different service offers with various prices. Although we have online systems allowing us to compare prices, it’s hard to land great offers. However, there is a usually specific trend for the promotions served by the airline companies.

Most of the airline companies are charging extra for luggage. This is why if you have a suitcase which fits the requirements of carry-on, you’ll save a lot. I understand that you want to take all your favorite clothes with you, but it’s not necessary. Having handful options will be highly sufficient and allow you to travel cheaper.

Buses and Trains are Better Ways to Have Cheaper Transportation During your Travel

As I mentioned in the previous section, flights take a big portion of the travel expenses. If you’re traveling multiple domestic locations, you must consider other options. Some countries have great train connections which will be very convenient. However, sometimes buses are the only way to travel amongst cities. Although it seems inconvenient, many buses offer the same comfort as flights with all the advancements. If you find a reliable company, don’t hesitate to take a bus ride in order to save during your travel.

Avoid Using Major Travel Companies

Yes, major travel companies offer great convenience and let you have a full package of your desired trip. Yet, you can mostly have much better deal if you book everything locally. Many people avoid going for local options because of language barriers or inconvenience. But you can save a lot of money using local resources even for most popular destinations. Try to figure out local buses going to the same location and just follow the same path of the tour.

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These tips might seem so simple, but they are very efficient when you consider them in total. I’m sure you all want to have a website offering travels for way cheaper price, but unfortunately there isn’t one. You just need to save on simple things, so you can travel cheaper for longer. Additionally, you might sacrifice your comfort a little bit, but it’s much more fun this way. You’ll have so many memories to tell after your vacation.

Stay tuned for more travel guides and tips!

5 Simple Tips to Have Cheap Travel (1)-min

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