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The Best Hostel in Curitiba, Paraná – Social Hostel


If you’re heading southern Brazil, you might be wondering what’s the best hostel in Curitiba, Paraná. I think I have the best answer to you question: Social Hostel. First, let me start my article by explaining a little bit about Curitiba and Paraná state. Then, I will tell you why I picked Social Hostel as the best hostel in Curitiba, Paraná.

Curitiba, Paraná State

The Best Hostel in Curitiba, Paraná – Social Hostel (3)Paraná state is not popular as much as worldwide-known Brazilian States including Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. However, Paraná state has so much to offer for its visitors that you would be surprised. Additionally, Paraná state is one of the southern Brazilian states that is bordered to Argentina and Paraguay. On the west side, Paraná is being home to Iguaçu Falls which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Iguaçu Falls is surrounded by Iguaçu National Park which has a subtropical rainforest with diverse wildlife. If you go to the east of the Paraná state, you meet astonishing Atlantic Beaches of Guaratuba. The east side of the Paraná state is also home to port of Paranaguá which 2nd largest port in Brazil. Curitiba is the capital city of the state of Paraná. Therefore, I’m sure you can already imagine what the capital has to offer for you!

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Top 5 Things to see in Curitiba, Paraná

Curitiba, Paraná is well-known for its beautiful structures and nature. You’d never expect how developed this city is until you step in. Let’s jump into the list of the top 5 things to see in Curitiba, Paraná.

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer Museum is one of the most interesting structures across Brazil. The eye-shaped museum is a great place for photographers. It’s built by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who is considered as one of the best architects in the world. Museum is being home to both permanent and seasonal exhibitions along the year.

Jardim Botânico

Botanical Garden of Curitiba is a must-see place if you’re visiting Curitiba, Paraná. Worlwide-known French gardens inspired the place and opened to public in 1991. Botanical Garden of Curitiba is the 4th largest herbarium in Brazil. If you like nature, you’ll be amazed by this unique place.

Largo da Ordem – The Old Town The Best Hostel in Curitiba, Paraná – Social Hostel (5)

Curitiba, Paraná is a relatively new settlement for Europeans as its history is only 350 years old. However, it still carries on amazing historical sense, so it’s great for visitors to see Largo da Ordem. You can enjoy a long walk through cobblestone streets which is pedestrian-only. There are numerous galleries, cafes, restaurants, and pubs that will make your time more entertaining.

Opera de Arame (Wire Opera House)

The Wire Opera House (Opera de Arame) is one of the most significant icons of Curitiba since 1992. Also, the structure has a see-through ceiling that allow visitors to sense the feeling of outdoors. The opera house has a capacity of 1.640 spectators and 400 square meter stage. Throughout the year, the place hosts number of different artistic and cultural presentations.

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Universidade Federal do Paraná – UFPR

The oldest Brazilian University, Federal University of Paraná started hosting students in 1912. The building itself became the most significant building of Curitiba, Paraná. That’s why it covers most of the postcards and touristic activities.

Social Hostel – The Best Hostel in Curitiba, Paraná

The Best Hostel in Curitiba, Paraná – Social Hostel (2)If you’re a backpacker and traveling the world, you already know how hard it’s to choose the best hostel. This is why, it’s very important to share adventures and aim for the best options relying on the experience. I specifically wanted to point out Social Hostel as I had an amazing experience during my stay at Curitiba, Paraná. So, let me explain why it was so different than the other hostels I stayed along my trip.

First, Social Hostel is not a franchise, so people who oversee management do this business with passion. Since the moment you walk in, they are very friendly and determined to make you feel home. The property is very safe and secured as you know how hard it’s to find a safe place. Believe me! If you stay in Social Hostel for once, you’ll definitely want to go back or simply never want to leave 😊 Enjoy your time in the best hostel in Curitiba!

Visit Social Hostel to book your stay in Curitiba, Paraná.

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