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CheapFares4U Scam and Unauthorized Extra Charges


Finding a cheap flight can become very tricky as there are various major companies dominating the market. You can always google to find different websites offering lower prices, but would it worth? Let me explain how CheapFares4U scam you with showing lower prices listed on the website. I will only explain my experience and you make your decision if using their services worth it or not.

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Currently, I’m on vacation in Colombia and planning to move to south to visit Ecuador before Peru. Being in Bogota, you have many flight options both domestic and international. However, one of my friends I met in Bogota advised me to go to Ipiales to visit Las Lajas. As I have seen on the pictures, this place is amazing, so I have started to plan my visit there. There were two options. First, I could take a flight to Cali and take another flight to Ipiales the next day. The overlay time was over 17 hours, so I didn’t really want to do this and decided to go with the second option which was to take a flight to Pasto and continue to Ipiales with a bus.

I have started to look for flights in the major apps such as Skyscanner and Expedia. However, the flights were a little overpriced -around 126 – 150 USD -. Offered flights were from Avianca, so I’ve checked their official website first and found the same flights for 100-105$ range. As it was an airline company, I’ve decided to go forward with it and book the flights. However, every time I have reached to the final screen, the system would say that the name is wrong.

Not being able to complete the transaction with the Avianca, I started a google search for different options. If you’ve ever had a vacation including few flights, you know how important finding cheaper flights online. Honestly, I’m considerably new in looking for cheaper flight alternatives as I always find major companies more reliable. Anyways, I came across few options with similar prices, but finally I came across CheapFares4U. The company website seemed fine and their system worked properly. This was important for me to move forward with my transaction which I did.

Price Tricks of CheapFares4U to Fool You

In the final step, I booked my flight from Bogota to Pasto for 105USD and received a booking confirmation email. In the email, it was saying that I will receive the ticket email after the payment went through. Usually, this happens right at that moment, but I could see on my phone that my card was not charged. As it was late night and I had a supposedly booked flight at 9.30 am in the morning, I went to sleep.

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CheapFares4U Customer Service

CheapFares4U Customer ServiceIn the morning, I wake up and the first thing I do is checking my phone to see if everything went right. I received a ticket confirmation email from a company called travelport which wasn’t mentioned anywhere before. In addition, I see my credit card charged twice in total of 126USD which drove me crazy. Because I’ve booked this early flight as a cheaper flight option and sacrificed my sleep. Right after I see the extra charges, I emailed the company to ask for the refund of “unauthorized charges” and explained the situation briefly.

In response, CheapFares4U stated that they’ve tried to contact me via my phone because of the extra taxes. To be honest, I don’t believe this at all. Moreover, they also mentioned that they’ve given me 25USD discount due to the price change. This was just ridiculous as taxes were included in the price when I placed the reservation. When I pointed this out in the following email, they sent me an email after my flight time. I received the email because my flight was delayed, and they were saying they cannot refund because I checked in. So, I explained the situation again and asked refund of the extra charges.

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CheapFares4U Refund

Today, I have received another mail explaining that they need to contact their accounting team. I really don’t care about the refund anymore. I just know I will never use CheapFares4U for flight reservation again. I just wanted to explain the situation in detail for your consideration to decide using it or not for yourself.

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