What is the Mystery of the Blue Glow in Tasmanian Shores?


Many people started searching about what the mystery of the blue glow in Tasmanian Shores was about after posted photos. According to photos and videos posted online, water has reacted with blue glow to every reaction. Yes, it sounds unrealistic! This being the reason why photos and videos have spread across the internet immediately. I have gathered some photos for you to see this amazing view and the video aired on ABC News.

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No doubt, science is an amazing tool. However, scientific explanations mostly ruin the beauty of all mysterious situations. Isn’t it why scientist are called boring? When you tell them about love, they would explain it with neurons, chemical interactions, etc.

Do you really want to spoil the mystery with scientific terms? Got it! Joking aside, looking for scientific explanation is highly important for the truth. You can continue reading below in order to get the answer.

Let’s find out what the Scientific Explanation behind the Mystery of the Blue Glow in Tasmanian Shores

First of all, the reason behind this unique event is living creatures (single-celled algae or plant plankton) called Noctiluca Scintillans. Yes, it’s already losing the interest. Ha ha! In these blue glows, billions of single-celled algae get together naturally causing the perfection.

According to Professor Hallegraeff, aquatic botany professor at the University of Tasmania, these are organisms eating other species. Billions of them get together and behave similar to vacuum cleaner. He had mentioned that shellfish farmers complaint regarding shellfish were hungry because nothing left to eat for them.

He also added that it was reported in Sydney Harbour for the first time in 1860. Since then, it has drastically expanded. Later in 2000s, it moved southwards to Tasmania and became permanent in the region. Ocean currents and global warming had a very important role in the great expansion for the last 20 years. Blue Glow Effect should be a good source for attracting international tourists to the Tasmanian Shores.

Anyway, I suggest you to avoid unnecessary information about the mystery of the blue glow in Tasmanian Shores. Just enjoy it and be thankful for this beauty! Did any of you have a chance to visit the area? Feel free to send us photos of your trip and we will add it to the album.

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