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Decreasing Population Problems will Destroy the Future


According to recent reports, decreasing population problems will destroy the future of our society across the globe. Although international organizations don’t show similar interest to decreasing population problems like they do for global warming, it’s serious issue. Therefore, almost every country is trying to encourage their people for having more children. However, it’s really hard to turn the tide for societal habits. No matter what, officials keep trying every possible way on this mission because younger generations will take over the world.

In the changing environment, even Asian countries experience threat to their populations. According to BBC South Asia Editor Celia Hatton, South Korea has spent $70 billion to encourage people for children. However, it appears to be not working so far. There are many reasons behind population decrease problems.

Number one problem is the economy. People avoid having more than two children because their expenses are hard to cover. Instead, parents choose to have one child and invest all into it for better future. There is also many countries like Russia and Ukraine suffer migration. In Ukraine, young people want to go abroad and don’t have concerns about marriage.

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When authorities mention decreasing population problems will destroy the future, what do they imply?

Let me briefly explain why population is highly important for a country. Population means manpower. Therefore, manufacturing and producing relies mainly on manpower regardless how developed the technology is. Relatively, this leads to economic power. There are amazing examples in today’s world. Yes, I am talking about China and India!

China has amazingly used the human power for their advantage. This advantage has turned them into a factory of the global market. Sometimes, people think high population might lead to problems on using resources. However, this is completely false idea. Younger generations always lead to outstanding benefits for a country.

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List of Countries Concerned the most with decreasing population problems will destroy the future

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