Did Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Break Up?


The discovery of Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend relationship in July amazed and shocked a lot of people last year. The most popular Victoria’s Secret Model, Lima’s relationship with Metin Hara has raised many questions among fans. Not only fans, but also many columnists thought that this relationship is nothing but an ad campaign. The increasing attention to this relationship has created two sides. One side completely support the relationship while the other side wakes up with an expectation to hear news on Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Break Up.

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Well, I’m glad to let you down about your expectations with this article. So far, Adriana Lima and Metin Hara relationship continues just fine. Of course, there must be some rough times for the couple as it’s a long-distance relationship. Additionally, they might have experienced a lot of pressure due to the news aired every time. Maybe Lima must be much comfortable for being top in the magazine world for many years. However, it’s certain that this level of fame is a new stage of popularity for Hara though he’s shared info about his famous and beautiful ex-girlfriends in one of his very first interview upon the discovery of the relationship.

Yes, it was a childish act. Yet, I think it was a simple moment of protection, very pure for a man. His only intention was to defend his feelings to Lima. That second, I was sure that this relationship would last long. I’m pretty sure Hara is also getting used to being in the center of the magazine world. Whether news published are negative or positive, it must be tough reading harsh comments from people you’ve never even met.

Anyways, their relationship appears to have a firm connection. Hopefully, they will be able to keep their desire at high levels for each other and reach to a better stage. Recently, Turkish reporters have spotted Metin Hara in Istanbul and of course raised questions about their relationship status. Metin Hara mentioned that they had no problem in their relationship. Moreover, he’s commented “Why not” to the questions about possibility of marriage in the near future.

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Why do People Crave to Hear Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend Break Up?

I guess one-word answer would be efficient; jealousy. I can freely talk about haters as they wouldn’t read this far after realizing there isn’t actual Adriana Lima break-up. Haters simply cannot accept the fact that an untouchable celebrity involves with an ordinary person just like them. It sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? A celebrity can wear off their ego and fall in for someone ordinary. However, they don’t consider the matter from this point of view. They’re just jealous because that person is not themselves, so they choose denial instead of acceptance.

In the end, haters will always be there and continue causing disturbance for others. It’s a different stage of patience being wise enough to ignore their attitude and not letting harm your mood. So, I have nothing else other than wishing the best for Adriana Lima and Turkish Boyfriend, Metin Hara. I’m looking forward to be able to announce couple’s marriage news in the future.