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The International Student’s Guide to Selecting a University in the Southern United States


If you are an international student looking to be accepted into college in the southern United States, then there are many different colleges you may want to consider. Choosing a college with a high percentage of international students can help you feel at ease, and these colleges often have special programs to help you adjust. Here are a few tips to help you decide where you want to go to school if you’ve got your heart set on attending a university somewhere in the southern United States.


Alabama is also a great place for international college students to attend university. In Alabama, the college with the most international students is the University of Alabama. While students have come from at least 33 countries, many of their students come from Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Japan, Colombia. The school offers special language studies to help students succeed at this campus located in Birmingham, Alabama.


Arizona State University always finishes near the top of any ranking of United States colleges for international students. This college regularly attracts over 13,000 international students from more than 130 countries. One of the ways that this school attracts so many international students is by having a network of support for possible students before they ever leave high school. That support system continues through the day that they graduate.


Many colleges in Florida and Alabama are known for their admittance of international students. Florida International University in University Park, Florida, offers more than 190-degree options, including being the only public school in South Florida where you can receive a law or medical degree. Students from over 142 countries regularly attend here, with many students coming from China, Venezuela, India, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. This school receives top honors for the number of Hispanic students that they graduate. Another outstanding school that regularly accepts international students is the University of South Florida. This school offers more than 200-degree programs. This school has linkage programs with other learning institutes throughout the world, including Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Israel, and many others.


The rate of international students getting into college in Louisiana continues to snowball. Many of those students are choosing to attend Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This school has more than 1,600 students that travel to Baton Rouge to obtain degrees in over 200 fields. If you are looking to attend a private school, then Tulane University in New Orleans may offer the perfect opportunity for you. This college is home to more than 1,282 international students who come from over 86 different countries.

New Mexico

There are also many top colleges that students find attractive in New Mexico and Arizona. Over 15 percent of the student body at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is from outside the United States. Open discussions are one of the reasons that many students choose this college where a significant percentage go on to receive a Ph.D. in humanities. Each student also is encouraged to spend a year studying in France. There is a close connection between this college of 400 students and the college by the same name located just outside Washington D.C.


Many colleges in Texas accept international students. One of those is the University of Texas at Austin. This college has one of the most significant numbers of international students, with approximately 5,200 on campus. The number of international students, however, is not the only deciding factor for international students. Some prefer to choose a community in the Southwestern United States and try to get into a school there. There are many attractions and gorgeous homes in the San Antonio area, which can make it a fun place to live. The San Antonio River Walk, The Missions, the Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the San Antonio Zoo are just a few of the places that make this city a fun place to study.

International students find many diverse opportunities to study in the United States. Some students choose schools with the student body in mind while others select schools with the community in mind. If you are an international student looking for a place to study as a graduate or undergraduate student, then consider each school on this list and further investigate the ones that you find most interesting. There are many opportunities for you to live and study in the Southern United States, and you will find these schools want to help you succeed.

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