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School Survival Guide: How to Pass a White Glove Cleaning Inspection


So, you have found yourself away at college and are realizing neither of your parents is there to clean up after you or distribute chores. However, there is an inspector lurking, wearing their metaphorical white glove, wanting to inspect your dorm room or apartment for cleanliness. Hopefully, you took the white glove inspection policy seriously and you are prepared for what’s coming. Maybe you are even reading this early to get tips on keeping your room in top shape. Whatever scenario you are finding yourself in at this moment, this guide will help you get through the inspection.

Understand the Expectations

The best way to pass a white glove inspection is to know what the expectations are in advance. Hopefully, you received a written policy on what your college expects of you and your roommates. If not, assume the literal implications of a white glove test. If the inspector were to wear a white glove and run their finger across your kitchen counter, would his glove be clean? What about your living room furniture, under your bed, your bathtub, or even the toilet? Knowing what is expected of you and then creating a plan will help you stay consistent, so you aren’t trying to cram two days of cleaning into thirty minutes.

Planning makes perfect. Work with your roommates from the beginning to create an apartment cleaning plan and hold each other accountable. Remember, the goal is to pass a cleaning inspection. Make a list of the expectations and follow each with a plan of action.

Keep Up on Cleaning

While you should clean most messes as they occur, some chores are suitable for a weekly schedule. For example, dusting and polishing your furniture, washing rugs and bedding, scrubbing the bathtub, and cleaning out the refrigerator. You will quickly see that regular cleaning will make the chore of deep cleaning more manageable, saving you time later. If you take proper care of your furniture, you can avoid making it excessively dirty or damaging it. Imagine the smile on the inspector’s face when he sees the attention to detail you have given to every inch of the living space and doesn’t have to issue any warnings or violations.

Pay Attention to the Details

To pass a white glove inspection, you will need to pay close attention to every detail, even the small ones. Have you ever seen a car that has been detailed? It is shiny and looks brand new. Imagine your apartment is a car and you are detailing it. Wipe down the walls and baseboards when spills happen and add their routine cleaning to your plan. If you have carpet, vacuum at least weekly and make sure to get under the beds and behind furniture. Even if you wash your dishes by hand, run the dishwasher weekly to avoid mold, keep the disposal and drains clean, and clean all mirrors. When cleaning the bathroom, wipe soap scum from the sides of the tub and wipe down faucets and clean and sanitize the inside of the toilet bowl, behind the toilet, and both sides of it.

Use the Right Equipment

If you are going to make the grade when it comes time for white glove cleaning inspections, you need to be using the right supplies and equipment. Make sure you have the basics like a broom, a dustpan, rags, and sponges. When cleaning, keep in mind any asthma or allergy situations in the dorm. You need a good bacteria-killing cleanser for the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to avoid using any products with bleach around furniture and clothing.

Finishing Touches

To impress your inspector, on the day of inspections, you can add a few finishing touches to make your living space shine. Clean all mirrors with a window cleaner and a paper towel. Wipe down all surfaces with an antibacterial wipe; not only will the apartment look clean, but it will also smell clean. Mop any uncarpeted floors with a fresh smelling cleaning solution that will also make them shine. Put all the dishes and laundry away and out of sight and put new garbage bags in all trash receptacles.

Don’t Procrastinate

It is best not to procrastinate when it comes to a white-glove inspection or preparing for one. Having a shared living space takes time and preparation to pass the check. You will never be able to fit an entire cleaning into one afternoon between classes and coordinating with roommates. If you follow the steps outlined in this article starting the day you move in, you will never find yourself in a procrastination situation.

Though it may seem difficult for those living on their own for the first time, keeping your living space clean is important. A clean home promotes healthy living, and you are building good habits for a lifetime. So keep your space clean for your white-glove inspection but try to maintain the cleanliness after you pass.

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