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Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks


I wanted to create Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks before the new gameplay was released. However, I have decided it would be much useful to put together a guide after gaining more experience. Before explaining all the aspects of the new gameplay, I have to say: Mobile Legends Summer Carnival IS FUN! Sometimes, I feel like the game becomes repetitive playing ranked game back to back. Yet, Summer Carnival Expansion has tied me back to Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Let me tell you, Summer Carnival mode is not for ranking up fast.

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First of all, let me explain the basics of the new features. If you have played Ranked or Classic game, the map is the same. Now, there are tropic fruits for players to gain extra features for heroes. In the beginning, the game will award you with a slice of melon which lets you move faster. Unlike other modes, you don’t have to wait for developing your character for jumping into actions. Start fighting without losing any time and start having fun.

Basics of Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks

Per our experience in the regular game modes, distribution of five player types show a little difference. In the normal mode, people form teams with the mixture of a marksman, mage, fighter, support, and tank. However, we have determined that there is no need for tanks and support heroes for the Summer Carnival Mode. Because, this mode is much more focused on the action play and fights. This is why we usually form teams of 2 marksmen, 2 fighters/assassins, and 1 mage.

In the Summer Carnival Mode, slaughtering jungle monsters also play very critical role because of giving away fruits. Remember, these fruits can provide you with outstanding powers to take an advantage of the game. You can rule the game even if there are players with downside in your team. On the other hand, you can simply continue on purchasing items you always use for hero build up. The only difference is that I focus on the attacking items instead defensive items.

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In the following section we will look into fruits and their bonus attributes.

Fruits and Attributes in Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks

Mobile Legends Summer Carnival New Hero SkinsHere is the list of fruits that provides attributes for heroes. the fruits are a little bit different than the traditional ml items.If we have forgotten any of them, please remind us in the comment section, so we can add it into the list.

  • Honey melon: increase movement speed
  • Banana: Resurrect with full HP and mana after being killed
  • Dragon fruit: self-explodes after dying, dealing damage to the nearest enemy hero
  • Mango: continuously regenerates HP and mana
  • Chili: significantly increase attack speed and chance to get a critical hit
  • Pineapple: significantly decrease cooldown time
  • Watermelon: hero will increase in size, all attributes will increase
  • Grapes: Become invisible, will reappear after finished attacking
  • Mystery (?) Item: Randomly become smaller, become a duck or increase gold output
  • Gold: Continuously receive a certain amount of gold

Useful Heroes in Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks

As I mentioned earlier in this article, attack-focused heroes are much useful for the Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Mode. I have seen great players who creates unique advantages for their gameplay. However, some heroes show much more advantage in comparison to other heroes. Here is the list of heroes I recommend for Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks readers:

  • Roger: This is my personal favorite. I gain outstanding results with it
  • Karina: I have seen many players reach to amazing outcomes
  • Layla and Miya: Both are good option for causing damage
  • Cyclops: This is the best option for mage lovers
  • Natalia: Making great contribution to crow fights

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Rewards in Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Tips and Tricks

Mobile Legends Summer Carnival Quests and RewardsMobile Legends Bang Bang team provides us with many rewards during the Summer Carnival Mode. I believe the most amazing of them is the new summer skins for selected heroes. Yet, if you are a free player, task rewards are more suitable for you. There are two main quests such as World Quest and Limited Time Tasks. World Quests are achievements for every player across the world to contribute into it. However, limited time tasks are renewed daily for you to claim rewards as you complete.

Thus, you should just complete tasks, enjoy the mode and collect the rewards. This will help you gain more level and stick with the game again! Feel free to share this article with y

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