How to be the Master of Marvel Contest of Champions?


I will continue my gaming articles with how to be the master of Marvel Contest of Champions for a while. I believe that I have provided enough information about Mobile Legends Bang Bang without being boring with repetitive information. I will keep my eyes on the Mobile Legends world in order to provide you with any updates.

After being away from gaming for couple months, I wanted to get back into some high-quality mobile game. While watching Captain America: Civil War the other day, I found myself wondering to jump into the Marvel world. Even before finding out about the game, I was already thinking about which character would have the best gameplay. Yes, it’s exciting!

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Anyways, I just searched “Marvel” on Google Play’s Games section and found Marvel Contest of Champions. Reviews of the games were mostly outstanding which encouraged me to download the game right away. I have spent few hours playing the game provided by Kabala and really enjoyed it.

To be honest, I don’t exactly know how to be the Master of Marvel Contest of Champion YET. However, I’m convenient that I will figure out few tricks very soon for you to benefit from. So, let me explain the game for the ones who are looking to get stuck with a different game. I believe Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the best free games in Google Play Store.

Do you all know the traditional fight games like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat? Basically, this game is the same in principle, but offering more options compared to old-fashioned one-on-one fight games. Let’s dig into it more.

What makes Marvel Contest of Champions stand out in other Free Google Play Games?

First of all, Marvel stands out by itself! Is there any person who doesn’t really have at least one favorite character in Marvel’s portfolio? Mine has always been Iron Man since Tony Stark came out and admitted him being the Iron Man. Honestly, it was a revolutionary movement for the super-hero history. For the first time, a hero had enough courage to be a super hero without the need of a costume… Brilliant!

Unlike other games, this one is about building a team of heroes that will move your forward through different quests. Yes, it may sound a little boring moving forward quest at a time, but actually it is not. Because the game offers different quest variations where you can earn different rewards helping you to upgrade your heroes and simultaneously evolve your personal character too.

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Addition to the quests, there are also different game options available for players such as 1vs1 and 3vs3 player matches. In this section, you select your hero or a team of heroes and play against another players’ hero or team. Unfortunately, this is not a live player versus player game where heroes controlled on the both sides. However, it still provides you enough satisfaction to beat up someone else’s hero or team.

Which Super Hero is the Best in Marvel Contest of Champions?

Can’t decide yet. Considering that I only have few heroes in my squad, I might work on it little more to figure out which has the best gameplay though I can say Iron Man and Wolverine has gotten some great moves! Therefore, it’s important building a team rather than picking up just one hero due to their different classes and bonuses.

Some heroes like Spiderman provides bonuses to all teammates while others can only provide to specific ones. Additionally, some classes have bonus points over certain classes which provides outstanding advantages.

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Is Marvel Contest of Champions Totally Free without Bugging Ads?

If you can control yourself, yes: Marvel Contest of Champions is hundred-percent FREE game! There is a store in the game where you can buy some items by paying which will give you a boost. I haven’t paid anything until now. Yet, I have to admit sooner or later I will be paying to benefit some extra advantages in the game.

As a result, I’m just a beginner. I will keep it up and figure out some tricks for us to step up our game! Until then, keep it low profile!

If you would like to download the game, click here.