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The Power of Color – Color Meanings

Color meanings vary culturally, and gene-rationally; but the basic emotional and physical associations tend to be consistent. The effects of color are interesting to observe when paired with certain shapes, and objects whether they have correlating meanings or conflicting meanings.  Color meanings can also be observed through singular vs. multiplied presences; and color combinations.

Red Color MeaningsRed Color Meanings

Red is a powerful color, proven to have biological effects such as raised blood pressure, increased respiration rates, increased confidence, and enhanced metabolism.  A stimulant, red is often used to portray danger and desire. Red is great for inspiring action.  The various effects can be tested between a gradient of pink to brown.

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Orange Color MeaningsOrange Color Meanings

Orange has been proven to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity.   It can also increase sociality, creativity, and tension.  It has also been found to stimulate appetite. Lying between red and yellow, orange is associated with feelings of creativity, attraction, and enthusiasm. Somewhere between red-orange, and gold; these effects can be suading.

Yellow Color MeaningsYellow Color Meanings

Yellow has positive physiological effects such as stimulating mental activity, stimulating the nervous system, sharpening memory, sharpening concentration, encouraging communication, and generating muscle energy.  The color yellow helps with decision making and thinking clearly.  Yellow is the first color that our eyes are designed to see, which is why it is a color of attention.  Usually associated with joy, intellect, and high energy; if overused yellow can be disturbing.

Green Color MeaningsGreen Color Meanings

A restful color; green can improve vision, and aid in endurance.  Green aids in mental and physical relaxation, helps to treat nervousness, anxiety, and depression.  It is directly associated with nature, safety, and money.  Green has a strong healing power and is associated with peace and protection.  It aids in providing a feeling of freedom, self-control, and harmony.

Blue Color MeaningsBlue Color Meanings

Blue slows human metabolism, suppresses appetite, and can produce a calming effect.  There are not many foods associated with blue in nature.  Blue is linked to consciousness, and tranquility.

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Purple Color MeaningsPurples Color Meanings

Purple is sometimes thought of as an artificial color; and has associations of different extremes.  Purple can be used to calm the mind, and to stimulate creativity, and imagination.  It can be linked to luxury, power, spirituality, mystery, and romance.

White Color MeaningsWhite Color Meanings

White is considered to be “perfect”, linking directly with innocence, purity, and cleanliness. Creating mental clarity, emptying the mind; and allowing for a new beginning.

Black Color MeaningsBlack Color Meanings

In nature, black is linked directly to black holes and tends to have negative connotations.  Lack of space, lack of color…Death, mystery, and formality are just a few. Black allows you to feel hidden, unnoticed, and provides you with feelings of emptiness and the unknown.

The Power of Color-Meanings