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The Ugly Truth about Art Inspiration


What does art inspiration really mean?

Art inspiration sounds like very complicated business, but it’s essentially about capturing a moment of time in a creative way. This can take many forms from clicking a camera, to composing lyrics or taking paints to canvas.

An artist gives a part of them in whatever they create, and as a purchaser you unwittingly take a slice of their mindset at the time of composing the creative work.

Truth or Fiction?

Art or indeed any creative work is never defined by whether it is reality or fantasy. There are many artists who create deeply meaningful pieces, which are totally ‘submersive’ imagination. Indeed, even art based on reality is imagined during the creative process.

Some critics will say that art based on reality is somehow less worthy than fantasy-based creations. However, both have their own merits and place as worthy items to purchase, offering many years of enjoyment.

The Good, the Bad and the really Ugly

Most artists inject their personality, experiences or knowledge into the artworks that they produce. It will be very rare indeed, to find an artist who can produce an oil painting without any personal element.

It becomes interesting when the viewer can decipher that experience from that composition of music, or indeed purposeful strokes of a brush across a canvas.

Some artists may appear as though they have just escaped an institution, and perhaps require a return visit. Their art may reflect those dark recesses of the mind, distressed by life situations and trauma. Simply speaking, you may find yourself looking at a real nightmare captured on canvas. You would need to consider whether your home would truly be a place of tranquility, if each day you would look into the lounge to an abstraction of this nature.

Art can equally just be “bad”, maybe the technique is lacking, and the dimensions applied are disproportionate to reality. Of course, remembering the big eyes paintings this may be very captivating. However, art that looks as though the artist did not give any pizzazz, may just as quickly lose appeal.

Great art is always inspired by that particular artist in some shape or from. An artist was once asked how he indeed valued his art, and appeared to deliberate for a while, before stating in truth that it is priceless. This statement appeared strange at first instance, until he explained his very full life, firstly as a surgeon, and two other later professions, before becoming an artist.

The choice of art inspiration for a home or other living space will always be one for the buyer. However, art paintings are a lifetime commitment, and as with any relationship, should be considered for longevity. Clearly, where the personality and personal experiences, even tragedies of the artist are present, then these pieces would seemingly be those with the glowing buy art painting now button. These creations will over the years offer relaxation, and moments of reflection as you understand the anguish, or indeed joy behind each stroke. Art inspiration can therefore be a very magical aspect of admiring art paintings.

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