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NYIAS 2017 Honda Clarity Electric Trio Shined with Center Stage


NYIAS 2017 Honda Clarity has impressed not only its fans but also visitors of the show. Honda brand has always been a strong innovator in the global car-maker industry. In the alternative fueling, Honda Clarity has formed a new phase in order to replace short-live batteries. In NYIAS 2017, Honda has met its fans center stage for thorough presentation. For 2017, Honda presents three Clarity electric variations, headed for 75% armada cap by 2030.

New York International Auto Show 2017 is a critical tipping point for Honda Electric Car Manufacturing. American Honda considers this event as a ground zero to target much stronger market share. According to fan reviews, the new phase will move the brand into total different stage. Of course, the company has also thought regarding people living outside of Hydrogen Fueling Network regions.

Until today, Honda Clarity was the only brand using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Today, the company provides Clarity model with both plug-in hybrid and full electric versions. The change of the model will improve Honda’s power in the competitive market. Eventually, stronger place will increase the market share.

NYIAS 2017 Honda Clarity Promises Clean Environment in the Future

Starting from this year, Honda Clarity will drastically expand and reach nearly eighty percent of the produced cars by 2030. Yes, this is highly promising information for the future of green environment. Honda Clarity line will rewrite its mission from the environmental impact point of view. It will not only manufacture cars with driver-friendly experience but also low to no emission.

Thus, I certainly believe that the change in the traditional fuel technology should end much faster than planned. In the transition process, all companies have duties to contribute the change. Certainly, Honda plays his part very well while others also making huge changes. Let’s just enjoy the effort on decreasing the fuel consumption of cars for now and look forward for more developments.

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