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MTV Movie & TV Awards Takes Down Gender-Specific Categories in 2017


MTV Movie & TV Awards takes down gender-specific categories to increase awareness on gender problems across the globe. In 2017, we will experience a new phase in MTV Movie & TV Awards according to authorities’ announcement. This announcement shows that we might have a new tune in the upcoming events in the near future. The Grammy Awards’ was the first to take down the gender-specific categories in 2011. Finally, we can see the spreading effect of the action into another vital event in the industry.

What will change after MTV Movie & TV Awards takes down gender-specific categories?

First of all, I feel obligated to mention that I strongly support this amazing decision of MTV. Due to sensibility in gender matter, I believe MTV’s action will create highly powerful awareness into the gender distinction. Every single day people keep experiencing the same issue in their schools, workplaces, etc. although nothing much changes.

Hence there will be multiple categories become effected by MTV’s decision including best actress and best actor categories. Instead these categories, “Best Actor in a Movie” and “Best Actor in a Show” will take a place in this year’s show. Basically, the show turns into something totally new with its brand-new name and gender distinction policy.

MTV annually organizes MTV Movie Awards for a quarter-century. The show is one of the most well-known events about movies around the world. The show occurs in the spring time to award the best movies every year. This year, the show has changed its name to MTV Movie & TV Awards. As the name represents, the show has expanded its coverage to TV shows as well as the movies. In the preparation process of the show, the nominees are selected by MTV producers and executives. Later, these nominees are presented online to become winners of the “golden popcorn award” in that year.

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