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By 2040, France Plans to ban all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles


Yes, that’s correct! Nicolas Hulot, the new environment minister, announced that France Plans to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.When Emmanuel Macron was elected president in May, we have applauded him for the achievement. Because we believe that presidents across the world should replace with younger candidates. Look how successful and innovative forty-six year old, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. This is the change our world needs!

Let’s look into what thirty-nine year old French President has done. In the last few years, French was struggling through economic issues as they lost their charm. However, Emmanuel Macron’s taking over the office has created a stable environment. In this final event, French President Emmanuel Macron showed their dedication on making the planet great again.

It’s certainly a radical plan that might form a new phase in European Union’s energy consuming. This will certainly be a pioneer for the neighboring countries in the EU Region. According to Emmanuel Macron, it’s not only France Plans to ban all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles but also ban any new protect planning to use petrol, gas, or coal as an energy source.

This might cause huge troubles for car manufacturers to transform fully into alternative energy source. However, there is still so much time to invest and develop on the electric car industry. Moreover, many brands already produce electric cars. Who knows, maybe they will not have to wait until 2040! Lastly, I personally congratulate Emmanuel Macron and his admission for taking this radical movement regardless of issues they will face.

We hope France Plans to ban all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles will set an example for countries across the globe.

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Quick Briefing about Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron (39) has become French President in May 2017 running against Marine Le Pen (far-right nationalist). He has won the election with a smashing result, 65 percent, nearly 20 percent more difference than pre-election surveys.

Unlike many leaders around the globe, Macron seems to show much moderate policies in the international stage. In the past, he was an investment banker. Later, he has also served as an economy minister for two years. He will surely bring a new phase to French Policies.


Emmanuel Macron, the youngest French President.

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