G20 Protests Turn German City into Zombie Town


Yes, you didn’t misread it; G20 Protests Turn German City into Zombie Town! As you know, two-day G20 summit 2017 takes a place in Germany. In this meeting, elite politicians of the world leading countries get together to discuss global economy and environmental issues. There are number of different similar meetings occur in different time of every year. However, public believe these meetings are just useless for the society. This is the main reason we mostly experience protests wherever similar meetings happen.

In my personal opinion, protests are highly important if they are well-organized straight on point. No matter if they are right or not, well-though protest will always be successful to drag attention in the matter. According to ABC’s news, thousands of people gathered to point out problems about capitalism. Even more, so-called world leaders push the society into much deeper problematic state.

First, I would like to congratulate German Police forces for having great control without using any force on protesters. We also have to applaud protesters for not pushing the limits and keeping their interest focused on the issue.

Unfortunately, there were more protests later on which ended up with interference of officers. Host countries take all precautions for their visitors to have a safe environment. Therefore, it’s highly critical for the prestige of the hosting country for future events.

Anyways, we just hope unfortunate incidents will not last long and there will be great outcomes from the summit. We will keep G20 Summit News updated.

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