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How to Increase Instagram Followers using Dating Apps


Increasing demand of social media popularity encourages users to wonder how to increase Instagram followers using dating apps. No doubt, social media has turned our lives into something else. We are much more connected to each other while having no connection to at all. This sentence sounds funny, doesn’t it? Though it’s true considering how everyone on social media is trying to figure out ways of becoming more popular. Is social media popularity necessary? I believe that’s another article’s topic as it must be evaluated thoroughly. Instead of judging its vitalism, I will be focusing on how to increase Instagram followers using dating apps.

As you all are aware, smartphone usage has reformed our daily lives including our habits, the way we socialize. Every other day, we become more hooked up to social media which increases feeling need for more followers and popularity. I have chosen Instagram out of all other social media platforms due to demand. As Snapchat is bleeding out among social media platforms while twitter works in different way than other photo/video sharing apps. I think Instagram is the app that has the closest settlement to dating apps. Even more, the amount of your followers on Instagram matters the most in comparison to others.

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There are number of paid and free ways to increase your popularity on social media. However, dating apps are the number one tool that everyone can use and benefit from.

Which Dating Apps are the Best to Increase Instagram Followers?

How to Increase Instagram Followers using Dating Apps (1)Yes, I feel you. There are numerous dating apps are available on both Apple Store and Play Store. Most of them are full of scam coming with bunch of fake accounts. However, there are few dating apps which are being actively used across the world.

Here is the list of the most popular dating apps across the world:

Tinder: The inventor of the swipe right and left technology on dating. Turned online dating into something much simpler and useful. In order to get more information, visit Tinder.

Happn: Differentiated their standing point in the market by giving you opportunity to match with people you crossed paths.

Badoo: It’s been around for very long time. They’ve also changed their interface after Tinder’s popularity in the market.

POF: You know what they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. POF has also been in the market for many years.

OKCupid: Relatively modest in comparison to other online dating platforms. However, they’ve drastically increased their user database in the last couple years.

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There are hundreds of other dating apps exist in the market. Some of them have different stand point than others. However, these five apps work best in terms of increasing your Instagram followers. In this next section, I will explain how to increase Instagram followers using the Tinder app. You can basically use the same technique for the dating apps you prefer using. Maybe, you can even develop a better technique, please let us know if you do so!

How to Increase Instagram Followers using Tinder?

Today, almost everyone uses Tinder, but not everyone benefits from it. Some make mistakes on focusing larger areas while others don’t spend enough time on it. However, if you use Tinder smart, you can drastically increase your followers on Instagram. If you are a Tinder premium member, the chances for building more Instagram followers will also be higher. First, start by linking your Tinder account to your Instagram profile. This will help you in case of people who like you on Tinder to check your Instagram photos and find you on Instagram.

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Yet, my method is also similar in terms of activity. You will start swiping, but you will click and check every profile you come across in order to see if they have put their Instagram username in their about me section. If yes, it means that they are looking to get connected on Instagram just like you do. You can take a screenshot and continue swiping or you can follow right at that moment. This is your choice. You can also use third-party applications providing follower insights. Analyzing follower insights, you will be able to track users who do not follow you back which will help you to unfollow users who are not active.

Using dating apps to increase Instagram followers will be very beneficial if you’re crazy about building follower crowd. Remember, these people are also looking to meet people on a dating app, so don’t be afraid to say hello and build connection!

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