Adriana Lima says being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is no Pressure at All

No doubt, Adriana Lima is the longest serving model and apparently most well-known Victoria’s Secret Angel in the history. She definitely deserves it! Adriana Lima, 35 year-old model, has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 1999 and dozens of different top notch modeling jobs. She has been the world’s second highest-paid model since 2014.

According to CNBC’s news, Adriana Lima was in Singapore to launch VS’s new “Body by Victoria” collection. In CNBC’s “Street Signs”, Lima said “People are watching you and you become their inspiration. I really just want to put a positive message and try to show the real values, the most important values in life out there.” She has a direct connection to millions of people around the world with her social media such as ten million followers on Instagram, more than six million on Facebook, and almost three million on Twitter.

What is so special about Adriana Lima, the longest serving Victoria’s Secret Angel?

She also adds “I’m a very private person, but I try to share a little bit of everything, you know especially through social media: little moments with my children, things that I like, books that I read.”

Yes! She is certainly special. This is the real reason behind her increasing followers around the world every single day with good intensions.

Besides being an amazing model, Lima is also a great individual with two amazing children. She keeps her form intense boxing, training, and diet regimen. She does not only prove young models that the age is not a real matter, but the dedication is.

I personally believe that Lima means much more than a woman with a pretty face and body. She is hope for many! Do you know where she will be for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017? Click here to find out!