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Baby Girl Born during Turkish Airlines Flight – Image Gallery of 42,000 Baby Delivery


On April 7, 2017 – Turkish Airlines’ twitter account has delivered a message that Baby Girl Born during Turkish Airlines Flight. The tweet “Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!” said. Flight is definitely one of the most convenient transportation types; but easily can become scary. No matter how scary it becomes still flights are the safest transportation according to statistics. Have you ever experienced any flight with a horrifying event? You know what we mean if you had!

The cabin could grip people’s soul, so crew and their services are highly critical for comfort. They are your team and you should get along with them. We have seen the video aired by passengers of United Airlines last week. The video has created an amazing impact on public which even jumped to governmental officials. Even it has raised tension between two countries after opposing statements. However, we have received news which proved that there are people in this industry with their heart.

A passenger named Nafi Diaby has startled others as her birthing pains occurred in the flight from Conakry to Ouagadougou. Turkish Airlines has mentioned that their cabin crew helped the lady deliver the baby. It was mentioned in the conference that the baby was delivered with help of crew while she was standing up. Therefore, the airline has mentioned that the baby was born over Mali airspace.

Is there any Sanction for Baby Girl Born during Turkish Airlines Flight?

Actually, there are sanctions for women flying while pregnant which differentiate according to the airline company’s policy. Turkish Airlines allows women between twenty-eight and thirty-five week pregnant to fly with a doctor’s note. Yet, there is no sanctions for baby girl born during Turkish Airlines flight. As Turkish Airlines being a popular and interactive brand in social media, the event has spread immediately.

People’s response to the matter was very positive and people loved crew’s effort on healthy delivery. Even though people might have experienced difficulty during the matter, the story-end was astonishing. Anyways, we will leave you with amazing image gallery to sense the feeling of the great moment.

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