What is First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality)?

Facebook, Google and Amazon is acting together to be leader on raising awareness to open internet. However, many people still wonder what is First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality)? Why Net Neutrality is so important? There are many more questions in the internet people trying to get answers because many don’t know the meaning. In this article, we will try to explain it in details and why major companies protest against the act. As Plato Post News, we also support the idea opposing against US government plans to scrap net neutrality. This why we have decided to put together this article and inform our readers on this topic.

Let me start my article saying many companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Reddit will act together to inform their users on first amendment of the internet (Net Neutrality) on July 12, 2017. Usually, I don’t prefer to take sides in my articles in order to pass accurate information for readers to decide. However, I cannot hide my opinion on this subject. This is just another horrifying incident Trump Administration plans to execute. Every other day, President Trump and his administration carry an outstanding law into effect.

Let me briefly address to common questions on First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality) in the following section.

What is First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality)?

I would like to mention that First Amendment of the Internet and Net Neutrality is the same thing. Originally, Net Neutrality means equal treatment to everybody’s data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Sounds normal, doesn’t it? Every website provides information to the internet should have the same rights. This is the main idea of Net Neutrality. This is why people started to call it “First Amendment of the Internet” for common understanding of its importance. With equal rights, internet is open and useful. Basically, this new act will replace the control mechanism with internet service providers (ISPs) and apply less control. In the next section, we will look into difference between Internet Service Providers and their differences.

What are Internet Service Providers (ISPs)? What is the Difference between a Content Provider?

There are number of companies (ISPs) provide users with internet service such as Verizon, Comcast, CenturyLink and Cox. Content companies include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. In some cases ISPs can also serve as a content provider like Comcast own NBCUniversal and they serve TV shows with Xfinity.

In this similarity and direct relation between ISPs and Content Providers, it’s insane to leave judgement to ISPs. Because they will have the opportunity to slow down streaming of their competitor’s content provider. One day, President Trump could watch some Netflix and get angry at some TV show. He could call his favorite internet service provider to slow down Netflix internet connection.

Yes, I know it’s an absurd example. However, if you open up its way, you can only regret after it’s happened. Additionally, this connection is strictly about business, so they can easily make it work to their favorable corporation. In the next section, I will try to explain why this change will drastically affect internet use.

Why First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality) is so important? How will Effect Internet Use?

As you all know, search engines rank these websites with highly complicated robots analyzing through the web. Checking information, media, sources and user behavior is highly crucial for website evaluation. Primarily, search engines like Google have invested so much into creating unique systems for equal rights. If Trump administration execute their plan, internet service providers will decide what you should see or not.

You probably ask search engines do the same with their ranking system, why different? Let me briefly explain. Search engines evaluate website with many different objects as I stated earlier. This means that if two websites have equal opportunity to rank up. Yes, they make advertises which is basically their main income and everyone has a right to advertise. Due to their purpose of serving equal, they do not differentiate companies for the size of the business. Even more, government officials scrutinize their action to ensure avoidance of monopoly.

Yet, internet service providers will have the opportunity to favor their business partners. Think about it; President Trump related ISPs might decide where you can stream the TV shows. There is a possibility for unequal race between companies. No matter how well-established your content provider is and provide amazing speed, it can still lose against low-quality opponent.

Mark Stanley, Demand Progress explains the situation with these words: “Net neutrality is the principle that keeps the internet open. Without it big cable companies can pick winners and losers.”

Who Support First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality)?

I think every company should support it no matter how they might benefit out of this deal. Because no matter how good their business relations for now, they don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Although they might have advantage in the short term, they can go out of business very fast. Companies who support First Amendment of the Internet (Net Neutrality) are the ones believe in working hard instead favors.

Netflix, Apple and Google support Net Neutrality with full support because they believe people deserve access to quality experience. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox web browser, net neutrality ensures creativity, innovation, and economic growth.

There were already hundreds of letters sent to Pai for showing their desire to support net neutrality. Individuals, small businesses and organizations are highly focused on leaving it the way it is. I believe the increasing protests will drag much higher attention to this matter. In the end, it will end up President Trump and his admission to step back on this decision.

Don’t stay quiet! You also need to act right and help us all to keep having the access to every content provider equally.

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