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How to Protect from Hurricane Damage


Global Climate Change has affected weather across the world. We can easily realize it by seeing hurricanes occurred in Americas over the past few years. The increasing power of natural disasters have pushed people to learn about how to protect from Hurricane Damage. Just recently Caribbean Islands, Cuba, and Florida has experienced the strongest Atlantic Ocean Storm called Irma in the history. In the Caribbean Islands, people didn’t really have an option to run away from it. However, many Floridians have left their homes alone with Hurricane Irma.

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How to Protect Yourself from Hurricane

However, if people are more educated about the hurricane, they can just be prepared for the next one. No doubt that Hurricane Irma will not be the last and there will certainly be others. Therefore, running away is not the only option to protect from it. Usually, it’s much harder to have enough precautions in islands, but it’s definitely possible in Florida. In my experiences, I have realized that most of the damage occurs due to lack of construction quality.

First, you have to realize that your life matter much more than your property and belongings. This is why you should make sure your priority is to save your own life. If you believe your property is not strong enough to keep the chaos outdoors, leaving would be the best option. Maybe you can stay at a friend’s house in the region which is stronger or just leave the state. However, if you don’t prepare your house after hurricane hit, you’ll experience it all over again.

In the next section, let’s look into how you can have your house ready for potential hurricanes in the future.

How to Protect from Hurricane Damage to your House

There are many upgrades you can consider for your house in order to avoid catastrophic damage to your house. I think the most critical ones are the roof and windows. Because if your windows are broken, your roof experiences both internal and external wind damage. Windows have to be hurricane damage proof just to make sure they are not broken during hurricane. Also, you should need to check out if there are any cracks on your window before hurricane arrives.

Once you have your house constructed strong, you should also think about your food and drink stocks. Mostly, when people see hurricane is arriving, they run to supermarkets to fill up their stocks. Eventually, stores run out water and canned goods which are crucial for staying home during the hurricane. Especially water is the most essential key for staying indoors. Because even water service might not run properly during and after hurricane.

In the end, you can never make sure that you are hundred percent safe during a natural disaster. However, you can be so prepared that you will know that you will be safe during its occurrence. Doesn’t matter if the natural disaster is an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami; you should always be prepared. This is the only way that you can make sure you are safe when it hits unexpectedly.

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