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Marvel Contest of Champions Characters


How many of the Marvel Contest of Champions Characters do you own? Don’t you want to have them all? I totally understand the feeling, we all want to same. Of course, each one of us has personal favorites. Mine was Iron Man when I first started to play this game, but I’m more into characters with higher dexterity. For instance, I love playing with Spiderman heroes as they have outstanding dexterity. In fights, dexterity helps a lot for me to respond quickly and take down even heroes much greater than mine.

As we mentioned in Tips for Marvel Contest of Champions, choosing the right class is crucial for success. Having said that, we have created a list of Marvel Contest of Champions Characters with their class. So, you can decide which is suitable for your fight! Besides each fight, knowing classes will help you create a strategy for decision-making about champions to keep in your inventory. Because it becomes much more important once you have your alliance and moving forward with more than one quest simultaneously.

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As you know, once you are in an alliance there are two different war options such as alliance war and alliance quest. Additionally, there are PvP section, quest, and story sections. All requires your champions to be locked. So, if you have a well-managed champions inventory, you will be able to handle all at the same time. Let’s have a look at each class and available heroes under each category.

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Cosmic

Cosmic champions in Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most well-known ones. As you know cosmic champions have bonus against tech champions. However, they also have penalty against mystic champions. Whether you have bonus or penalty, most of the cosmic champions are fun to play with. My personal favorite is Venom Pool. I would definitely suggest you keeping this champion because it creates outstanding advantage during fights.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Mutant

If you have ever been a fan of X-Men Series, you’ll love every hero in the mutant category. From the movie, my favorite mutant has always been Wolverine. However, it’s not limited in the game. Deadpool is also a great champion to play. Let me remind you that mutants have class point bonus against skill champions. Therefore, has class penalty against science champions.

[table id=6 /]

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Mystic

Mystic Champions have bonus against cosmic champions while having penalty against science champions. To be honest, I don’t really like mystic champions. There are only two favorite champions I like. I usually keep them for filling out spaces when it’s necessary. My favorites are Magik and Jaggernaut. They both are outstanding champions and provide great advantage during fights.

[table id=7 /]

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Science

Science champions are the most famous characters of the Marvel series including Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman. However, there are a few different versions of champions that you’re not used to see on the movies. Science champions have class bonus against mystic characters and class penalty against skill champions.

[table id=8 /]

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Skill

Who wouldn’t like to punish opponents with Punisher? Or give some blood damage with Blade! All the champions in this section are skilled murderers. Skill class champions have class bonus against science champions. However, they have class penalty against mutant champions. My favorites are Black Panther and Daredevil under the skill champions category.

[table id=9 /]

Marvel Contest of Champions Characters Tech

Tech champions are considerably the most advanced champions among all other six categories. This is being the main reason playing with tech champions is so much fun. They have unexpected special moves and strength in fights. Tech class have class bonus against mutant champions while having class penalty against cosmic champions.

[table id=10 /]

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How to be the Master of Marvel Contest of Champions Characters
How to be the Master of Marvel Contest of Champions Characters

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