New York Fashion Week Shows – February 2018


New Yorkers, this is that time of the year! The rest of the world wonders how great it’d be to breath in New York air in this season. Although it takes a place in New York, the whole world focused on New York Fashion Week to hear first fashion feedback of the year. If you haven’t been to any fashion show before, you must have a lot of questions in your mind. We’ve put together this article to help you find answer to those questions, so you can make up your mind.

First of all, you should understand that it’s a special event for the fashion world and all other related industries. If you live or spend your day in New York City, you might’ve felt the slight increase in the crowd. Are you experiencing trouble finding a seat in your regular coffee shop? Do you see small group of people on the side walk being captured with a professional camera with tripods? Yes, this is nothing other the New York Fashion Week Effect on the streets of Manhattan.

In the past, fashion weeks would draw attention mostly from the traditional media & press and industry experts. However, the rise of the social media has formed a new phase for the media. Today, we have bloggers, stylists, designers with millions of followers waiting their comments and feedbacks on these types of events. Let me warn you, they will be here! They will steal your spot on your favorite beauty salon. Joke aside, why not to attend for New York Fashion Week 20018 if you’re already going to experience its struggle?

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So, for the beginners about the subject, let’s have a brief Q&A section to help for clarification.

What is New York Fashion Week? Why New York Fashion Week is a Big Deal?

New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual event series allowing brands to meet press and public with their upcoming styles. Originally, the event was founded in 1943 with the name “Press Week”. There are four major fashion week events across the world such as Paris, London, Milan, and New York. In 1993, the event name has changed and started to use the city name like other 3 major fashion events. Fashion weeks usually last about 7-9 days and allows hundreds of brands to present their upcoming season moves.

In the past, fashion week used to occur in smaller circle of industry professionals and traditional media. Nowadays, it’s much more than just a fashion event. It’s a city-wide event that reaches and changes all the spirit across town like the Christmas season. I strongly believe that the event has turned into a much broader concept due to growing demand and interest in the fashion industry for the last couple decades.

There will be many different events along with the Fashion Week will occur around New York City such as parties, workshops, and other local occasions; so, keep your options open even if you’re not going to attend to any of the official fashion show events.

When is New York Fashion Week 2018?

If you are fashion addicted, you might want to cancel your Valentine’s Day plans. 😊 New New York Fashion Week 2018 Show Calendar-minYork Fashion Week 2018 will take a place from February 8th to February 16th.

If you are interested in Men’s Fashion Week, you’ll have to wait another six months because the event ended yesterday.

Where is New York Fashion Week 2018?

There is not only one specifically designated location for New York Fashion Week. Each individual show can happen in different place, so it’s better for you to find out which show you’re interested. Yet, Spring Studios at 6 St Johns Ln is a place for core presentations. It might be likely for the show that you are interested in to presented there.

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How can I attend New York Fashion Week 2018?

New York Fashion Week has three types of visitors such as industry, media & sponsors, and public. If you are in the industry, communicate with your contacts in the brands taking place in New York Fashion Week. There is a great chance they will be glad to provide you with an invitation.

If you are a sponsor, you must have already received an official invitation. Otherwise, you should contact immediately to avoid any troubles. If you are working with the press, you can fill out the form on the official website for your media access.

Fashion Week Online Official Website

Where can I purchase tickets to New York Fashion Week 2018?

You can simply visit the official website and purchase tickets for the shows that are open to public. Click the link below for redirection to the official website for purchasing ticket to New York Fashion Week 2018.

Buy Tickets

Can I Watch New York Fashion Week Live on Stream?

Yes. The Official New York Fashion Week website provides all live stream of the shows.

Watch Live