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Super Bowl LI – Patriots vs Falcons

Atlanta Falcons blame Lady Gaga performance for New England Patriots' outstanding comeback.


Super Bowl LI – On February 5 2017, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons played against each other. In order to win the first place of the most well-known American Football organization. As every year, the final game has been amazing to be spoken weeks and months by football supporters. In the game, New England Patriots win the Super Bowl LI with an outstanding comeback by scoring 25-0 in the second half.

Super Bowl has always been an organization more than just a football game. The entertainment side of the event makes it unique for attracting fans around the world. This year, Lady Gaga performed in the half break which took a little longer than the usual half time. Falcons player Mohamed Sanu mentioned that the long half break might have effected their performance with these words on the NFL Network:

“Usually, halftime is only like 15 minutes, and when you’re not on the field for like an hour, it’s just like going to work out, like a great workout, and you go sit on the couch for an hour and then try to start working out again.”

He might be right about his opinion on having longer break than usual might affect the team’s performance and concentration; however the game will certainly be a one to remember for years. Our part as a supporter of football games itself, we should just enjoy the game played and wait for the next season to watch more amazing games.

Super Bowl LI – Lady Gaga’s Performance

Although players blame it on Lady Gaga for losing the concentration on the game, Lady Gaga certainly amazed all spectators. Whether they had the chance to watch the game in the stadium or on TV, she satisfied every person. Hopefully, Super Bowl organization will keep increasing its performance.

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