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What is Area 51? Is Area 51 Real?


American Scientist, Boyd Bushman has revealed amazing information about Area 51 that will shake up the world for many years. Revealed information raised questions such as what is Area 51 and “Is Area 51 real”. There are countless conspiracy theories about governmental restricted areas consisting aliens. Even more, many of them have taken part in Hollywood scenarios just to show how little the information we have. Do you think government would hide that much critical information from the public? Why not?

In my opinion, no matter how critical the information is, government officials won’t think for a moment to black out. Although they will likely to say it’s because of public’s safety, they mostly hide it for their own convenience. This insecure connection between government and people creates an outstanding era for conspiracy theorists. Later, increasing attention on these theories ensures their place in society over time. Area 51 theories have also been going around for many years.

What is Area 51? Why it’s so Big Deal?

Especially, the society has experienced unbelievable advancement in the technology field. I think, establishment of the internet started a revolution that no one would predict. Rapid transformation of the era has attracted people to raise questions on how it’s possible. A lot of people started to believe that the technological advancements were taken from aliens. This is where Area 51 strongly came out the most.

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Basically, Area 51 is a military base in Nevada with top limit restrictions to enter the sight. Many people believe that alien corpses are under examination in this base. Not only aliens but also their technologies are used to carry on the power of our society. According to many theories, alien technologies have supported many devices we have today including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touch screen etc.

Do you remember space movies in 70s? Yes, movies like Star Wars, Star Trek! They all had amazing technologies for that time which we achieved in years. Many people wonder how they were able to guess about these technologies years before. Moreover, many marched in the possibility of receiving help from aliens. It might sound unreal for many, but think how big the universe is and imagine if they’re way advanced societies.

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What are common names for Area 51?

There are many names people use for Area 51. The most common one is Air Force Flight Test Center. Also others like Detachment 3, Dreamland, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch, the Box, Groom Lake, and Neverland are used too.

Is Area 51 real? What is the proof?

This is why Area 51 has been a great deal for people who really believe in these theories. In the end, some people also support these thoughts with information they gather. According to Bushman, during his serving time in Area 51, he has seen scientists working on aliens. Of course, the American Government keeps denying leaked information regarding this base. Yet, Bushman says that he has seen studies on alien structures. He has also provided some images. You can find all related pictures below.

Area 51 Alien Photos

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