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Everything You Should Know About Princess Diana


We’ve gathered everything you should know about Princess Diana as people want to learn about her due to upcoming documentaries. No doubt, she has amazing reputation across the world. She was not only a princess, but also a philanthropist and more importantly an amazing mother. Unfortunately, we have lost her due to a car accident while trying to run away from paparazzi. Although there were many speculations on her death, millions gathered to organize memorable funeral. In 2017, people across the world will honor Princess Diana on 20th anniversary of death.

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First, I’d like to admit that Princess Diana was the most adored member of the British Royal Family throughout history. In our article, we will point out few headlines to fulfill demand on public. Because, even series of articles wouldn’t be enough to answer all questions.

Everything You Should Know About Princess Diana Family Background

Although Princess Diana’s reputation is global as a member of British Royal Family, she was royal before marrying Prince Charles. She was the Princess of Wales. Her parents were Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Ruth Burke Roche, Viscountess Althorp. In 1975, she has become Lady Diana Spencer once her father received the title Earl Spencer.

In her early life, people considered her as a shy person. Yet, she has interest in music and dancing. Therefore, she has shown amazing care for children. Eventually, her desire to children came to conclusion of her becoming a kindergarten children.

Everything You Should Know About Princess Diana Personal Life

Everyone knows that Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles. However, there were many rumors about this marriage. People considered this marriage as a formal one. Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage lack of love. Unfortunately, documentaries about her mostly rounded up about this marriage due to people’s interest. In my opinion, this overlaps her amazing efforts on creating a better world.

The couple married on July 29, 1981. Many people had hard time acknowledge this odd marriage between two totally different people. Prince Charles and Princess Diana had two children: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Prince Henry Charles Albert David. After having children, Princess Diana has committed herself to countless charitable projects. However, it wasn’t enough for her to get rid of the stress and pressure.

According to local sources, she has struggled through depression and bulimia for years. In 1992 December, British Prime Minister John Mayor announced Princess Diana and Prince Charles separation. Yet, the divorce has finalized 4 years after announcement in 1996. Her divorce finalized only a year before her death which raised many unanswered questions.

After her divorce, Princess Diana has continued working on charitable projects and used her global popularity. Even more, public recognized her across the world as “people’s princess”.

Everything You Should Know About Princess Diana and Her Children

As we mentioned in the previous section, Princess Diana has two children from her marriage to Prince Charles. Her younger child, Prince Harry reflects much more Princess Diana’s personality. Just like Diana, he has also contributed into many different charitable projects over years. Furthermore, he has also felt overwhelming pressure of being a member to a Royal Family.

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Everything You Should Know About Princess Diana Photo Album

We have gathered photos of Princess Diana that you have never seen before! Please enjoy the album.

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