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San Francisco Travel Guide for Students


San Francisco Travel Guide for students has been formed to create an insight before your visit. Hopefully, our guide will help you to have a general kick start for your vacation. In the future, we willl provide more articles for deeper information about San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the most popular places to visit for travelers in United States. The continuous demand from the visitors keep the city alive. San Francisco is evolving rapidly—flicker and you may miss something. Every year, millions of people from around the world visits San Francisco for its innovative industries and breathtaking city view.

The city has an amazing harmony of times and cultures. While Victorian homes keep their candy colored dress, tech guys preparing the future by building up the Soma and Mid-Market neighborhoods. In this article, I will try to inform you with some tips that will help you to enjoy San Francisco experience. The city is listed in the top destinations to visit which has led to creation of numerous tourist attractions like California Academy of Science and de Young Museum.

Before you make your plans to visit San Francisco, you should decide how you want your vacation to be. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean you should select the period of the year for your visit as it shows huge differences whole around the year. If you visit in fall, most likely you will have a nice weather with moderate crowd and a quite vacation while Summer time is more crowded with outdoor festivals and events.

All year around, San Francisco has an amazing weather ranging from 57 to 70 F for people who don’t like cold. Even though the climate is good, most locals are used to carrying extra layers like a scarf and a jacket when going out.

Here is the list of must see places according to San Francisco Travel Guide:

  • de Young
  • Dolores Park
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Lafayette Park
  • Ocean Beach

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