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Top 5 Things you must know before Starting a Blog


No doubt, we are living in the internet age. Everybody wants to take a stand in this world which is possible in two simple ways: Social Media and Blogging. Even though social media popularity seems to have much broader audience, blogging has much deeper purpose for your online presence. In this article, we will briefly explain Top 5 Things you must know before Starting a Blog for yourself. Under this 5 topics, we addressed the most common questions for your convenience.

Plato Post Online News Platform is always dedicated to encourage young people to create blogs on recent news and events. We believe implementing platonic thoughts are much more important than social media presence with photos or 140-character tweets. Therefore, we are determined to ensure hassle-free environment for college students who are willing to contribute in our website. If you are a college student who desires to express individual thoughts, simply Register Plato Post and write your articles.

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Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog determined by Plato Post Staff:

  1. What is a Blog?
  2. Why should you create a Blog?
  3. Who should have a Blog?
  4. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Blog?
  5. How Blogging can help to Get Your Dream Job?

In the Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog determination phase, we have spoken to numerous different bloggers who have experienced similar thoughts. In the end, they all are successful bloggers who are highly glad moving forward with their ideas. According to simple conversations we held with each of them, they all had one common suggestion for future bloggers:

A picture showing that you can always turn blogging into fun with a cup of nice coffee! Top 5 Things you must know before Starting a Blog will help you create a road map!

“Creating a blog is much simpler than building and maintaining one. This is why it’s so illogical losing time with planning. Move forward! Start your blog and just implement your thoughts into it. Otherwise, you will just keep losing time overthinking about small details.”

After delivering their message, we will jump into our Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog List. We will cover each title with order, so you can gather the most out of this article without any confusion.

  1. What is a Blog?

By definition, a blog is a periodically updated website or webpage. The origin of the word was “web log” which turned into a single word “blog” lately. Blogs are usually administrated by an individual or a small group of people. When one person runs the entire blog, it is called a “personal blog”. In the early years of the internet, people used blogs similar to personal diaries. However, the increasing popularity of online blogs have turned them into much professional platforms. The difference between a blog and a website still confuses tons of people every day. In the past, there were couple of technical and information reliability differences in general. However, it is nearly impossible to differentiate the difference between a blog and a website today.

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The most characteristic importance of a blog is it is updated frequently. The information on a blog is mostly engaging readers which makes it highly useful for social media popularity. Even though there are no limitations to blog subjects, some are much more common than other subjects. According to our research, the most common blog contents are fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, sports, business, and recipes. Yet, starting a blog is not enough, the information should be useful, entertaining, and engaging for the ultimate success. Because, people start hundreds of blogs everyday which makes it tough to stand out in the crowd.

Plato Post Online News Platform also has similar concept to a blog with few differences. Here are some of the major differences we focus:

  • Appeal to larger audience,
  • Authors/Contributors are specifically College Students,
  • Content should be well thought and implemented in order to pass requirements,
  • Operating similar to a News Agency with Platonic Thoughts.

Let’s move into the second title of the Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog List.

  1. Why should you create a Blog?

No offense, but if you are asking “Why should I create a Blog?” yourself, most likely you might not be the best fit for blogging. Usually, people start a blog because they have a special interest on something. Plus, they want to share this information with as many people they can. Else, an individual might just desire to their own experiences in life which will form a purpose for their life. Whether you decide to share your knowledge or experience, you have to dedicate yourself to it for reaching success.

Believe me! Most of the successful bloggers making huge money from blogging started off this road with passion and ambition. They didn’t worry about making money or becoming famous. All they wanted was to pass the experience and information to others. Isn’t this all the Information Age really about? I can sense that some of you are already wondering about what topics you have interest is the most entertaining. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PATH!

Though, you will be the person who turn your interest into entertainment! Think about it, who would really be interested in recipes like today society? Regardless of people’s age or sex, millions of people across the world are trying to learn recipes from different cultures. If you are really into something, you just need to find out how to reflect the amusement you have. You know why you are so crazy about that subject, you either need to find people like you or show others “why”.

I think this title is the most important one in the Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog List. Because I just believe if you know “Why”, you are half way there! Let’s move to the next topic.

  1. Who should have a Blog?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no limitations at all on who can run a blog. Whether you are a fifteen-year old girl blogging about your problems with your parent or a senior blogging about the beautiful communities of 1960’s. There is a stereotype about youngsters being more successful on blogging although it’s entirely false. On the contrary, I believe housewives have much more potential on being a successful blogger because of their commitment. Do you think dealing with a blog is tough responsibility for housewives? Try taking care of house, food, bills, cleaning while couple kids running around! Additionally, I believe it’s very important for housewives blogging about their past experiences in order to educate new moms.

Anyways, we learnt that there are no limitations for bloggers, but who SHOULD have a blog? In my opinion, the most important people who definitely needs to start a blog is: ENTREPRENEURS. Whether you are just in the beginning of the road or dealing with entrepreneurship for many years, you should blog. Let me briefly explain why I desire entrepreneurs to have blog the most. According to my previous experiences and the stories I listened from others, entrepreneurships is the toughest thing to deal with. An entrepreneur is usually a lonely person if you don’t count the business connections you are trying to build. Most of the time, even your family members will fail to empathize with your situation.

Moreover, entrepreneurship is an infinite process regardless you successfully achieve you target or not. Because the personality will not let you ease your mind with a single achievement. Blogging is likely to carry on amazing purpose for an entrepreneur to step back and think about the progress. Once you share the difficulties, you will meet like-minded people to observe you are not alone.

  1. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Blog?

In #4 of the Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog, we will explain pros and cons. Indeed, advantages and disadvantages of blogging might show difference depending on your blogging purpose. However, we might point out few things that is likely to form a road map for you to follow. Whether your purpose is about making money or sharing information to many; have to say it’s a long process. In this road, you might feel that only your friends and family read your blog in the beginning. Most likely, it’s the truth. You shouldn’t let this disappoint you! You have a long way to go.

Before taking the responsibility of a blog, you have to know it’s a time consuming duty. Sometimes, you will have pass on a night out with friends to write a blog post. Sometimes, people quit writing for their blogs even after years which is really sad. This is why you need to be well planned for the best use of your time. If you have similar feelings, think about hundreds or even thousands of people reading your ideas and stories. You’d also consider hiring a freelancer to help you for providing content, but can they implement the same passion? I don’t think so! Because this is your passion and your readers will sense it right away.

If you handle struggling period of blogging successfully, you can benefit from it in many ways. First thing, you will have your writing skills highly increased. Also you will have an amazing time-management skill which is very critical for the business world. You are likely to receive partnership offers for ad campaigns depending on your subject focus. If you are interested in writing, you might receive a job offer in related field from a larger company.

  1. How Blogging can help to Get Your Dream Job?

Among the Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog List, this section is the most related title to our vision and mission in Plato Post Online News Platform. In the creating Plato Post Platform, we have dedicated ourselves to involve college student with daily news and events. The #1 purpose was to make college students aware of the incidents happening across the world. The awareness will lead to questioning and it’s extremely important for observation of the society. In our prior discussions with business owners, they mostly complained about youth being apart from the significant events.

Do you wonder how blogging make a difference at that extend? First, your blogging will show how determined you are to discharge your responsibilities. The quality of your content and topic selection will show your field of your interest. In addition, it’s the proof of your capability on implementing platonic thoughts into a situation. Let’s think about it! Would you prefer to hire someone who is capable of evaluating different scenarios or someone you have no information? Of course, everyone would choose the person with analytic thoughts capability.

No matter how well you are educated about related job skills, still must prove your personal skill to differentiate yourself. Top 5 Things you must know before starting a Blog List is your opportunity! Start a blog and maintain it successfully. You will be shocked with the benefits!

Need more information? Don’t forget to read my detailed article on “How Blogging can help to Get Your Dream Job?

Top 5 Things you must know before Starting a Blog

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