How to Write a Resume for your First Job Application?


Are you looking to apply for your first job application with no professional experience? I can imagine how hard it could be to land that job, but it is POSSIBLE! Resume writing is all about understanding company’s expectations from a candidate. In this article, I will try to explain certain steps of creating a resume for your first job application.

Even though we all say that we should not value people by their first impression, we always unwittingly do it! Your resume is your first impression and you have to make it count if you are looking to stand out among other candidates. In the resume writing process, you need to think about yourself outside the box and become your own marketer. Remember, no one knows you better!

In traditional resume writing, you need to determine the style of your resume, write down your education, and list your work experience. However, your resume might not look very bright as this will be your first job application. I would suggest you different approach for writing your resume instead of the traditional techniques.

Identification Skillsets of a Resume for your First Job Application

First, take a piece of paper and write down a list of your skills. Do not consider any skill as irrelevant, write down everything like talkative, techy, hardworking, etc. Depending on the job position you will be applying, any skill could make a difference. If you cannot come up with any skill, call your best friend, parents, or siblings. You can’t even imagine what skillsets they can identify about you.

Once you write down your skills as a list, you need to analyze the job position you will apply. You can start your analysis by googling the job title to identify what qualifications companies looking for this duty besides the listed job post. After gathering more information about the exact position, you can select 5 skills from your skillset list which will help you to overcome obstacles you will be facing during the adjustment process in this position.

As a newbie in the workforce, these skills will be your qualification for this position even though you don’t have experience. Be proud of these skills, and realize that you are already executing these in your daily life.

Second, think about your education history including all seminars, certification programs, etc. Once you list your education history in your resume, point out each class, seminar or certification that might be relative to the job position or bold your skills. This will help the recruiter to make connection between your education, skills, and the job position.

Correct Order of the Information on a Resume for your First Job Application

Last thing you need to do is placing all these information in a nice order with no typos and slang words. Here is a traditional order for a resume with no employment history:

  • Contact information
  • Brief Summary
  • Qualification
  • Education History
  • Additional Skills

Next step is to prepare yourself for your interview to present yourself clearly! If you cannot get the job at first time, don’t give up and refine the process.