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Details of Neymar Transfer to PSG – €222 million


There are many details of Neymar Transfer to PSG (Paris Saint German) as it’s a historical move worth €222 million. In our previous articles, we have mentioned that Neymar is likely to move to PSG in this Summer Transfer Season. Therefore, both clubs have agreed on the terms for this move. Yet, there are still some obstacles for legally execution this deal. However, no matter what will come through, PSG has shown they will do everything to finish this deal. Let’s look into the whole process why Neymar decided to move away from Barcelona.

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When will Neymar transfer to PSG (Paris Saint German) happen?

Recently, La Liga officials have denied Neymar’s transfer with €222 million. According to Goal’s report, La Liga president Javier Tebas had already said that the organization was going to reject that payment due to concerns over Financial Fair Play (FFP):

La Liga officials have denied Neymar’s transfer with €222 million“Even if PSG do not meet the release clause we are going to report them. We have already warned the president of Paris Saint-Germain that we would do so and we see that PSG’s policy has continued in the same manner. They cannot invent some numbers where their commercial rights exceed those of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Nobody believes that.”

No matter what the law says, PSG is eager to close this deal. In addition, they will figure out a way to complete Neymar transfer. Therefore, Paris Saint German Lawyer has announced that they are taking necessary steps to move forward. Most likely, French team will close the deal ASAP not to let any delay.

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The story behind Neymar Transfer to PSG (Paris Saint German)

First, we have to admit that Barcelona is definitely in the top 5 clubs across the world. Additionally, it’s one of the most desired clubs of every player. So if Neymar has decided to leave Barcelona, that’s because he wasn’t comfortable. Many players decide to change their team because of seeking peace. Especially players with star statuses need comfort and appreciation more! Since Barcelona transferred Neymar from Brazil, fans consider him as future Messi.

Yes, Barcelona fans were ready to give Messi’s throne to Neymar! On the other hand, authorities considered Neymar, Messi, Suarez attack line as historical match. When these three were on the green field, Barcelona didn’t have to worry about scoring. Although I feel that replacing Neymar will not be a huge problem for Barcelona, MSN had amazing harmony.

What did bother Neymar that much to leave Barcelona?

Barcelona fans were ready to give Messi’s throne to NeymarWe should understand that players with star status have egos. Relatively, they want to be one step ahead of the team. Yes, this not likely to happen in Barcelona as long as Messi is in the team. In my personal opinion, this might have bothered him over the years. PSG might be a much better choice for him to move forward at this extend. Of course, there are many players for Neymar to compete, but he will easily overcome obstacles and have the star feeling he is looking for. I am sure that Neymar’s fight with his teammate Semedo was also occurred due to pressure.

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