Would Vaping Help to Quit Smoking ?


Electronic Cigarettes are becoming much more popular. Most smokers have one question in their minds Would Vaping Help to Quit Smoking. It’s hard to say, but I decided it’s worth try. Before trying to answer your questions about the topic, I’d like to mention this article is all about my experiences. This is not a sponsored content and it might not have the same affects on you. I do not recommend you try brands mentioned in this article without making your own research. Additionally, I’m not a scientist either, so I cannot evaluate any side effects except what I feel. Having said that let me start with brief information about myself and my addiction.

Unlike many smokers who have been smoking for decades in my circle, I’ve been smoking cigarettes for eight years. For sure, I’ve felt its – good & bad – effects on my body and my social life. Yes, believe it or not there is considerably good side of smoking though it’s not much as its bad side. However, being raised in the Middle Eastern culture, I’ve smoked hookah since I was fourteen. According to many researches done across the world, scientists say hookah is much harmful compared to cigarettes. Yet, I can easily say converting my smoking habit from hookah to cigarettes caused much harm. At least that’s what I felt. I must also mention that all these years, I’ve never been to a doctor about my lungs or had any serious situations, so all the information I provide is related to what I felt about my body instead of a scientific proof.

Smoking Hookah vs. Cigarettes: I know this title will be a little off topic, so I will cut to the chase. In my experiences, smoking cigarettes have been much more harmful for me. I believe difference between smoking hookah and cigarettes is more related to their individual culture. People consume hookah occasionally when there is a hookah lounge or restaurant. On the other hand, cigarettes are smoked almost everywhere. Yes, there are many regulations, but smoking cigarettes are still commonly achievable. In comparison, smoking hookah is more of an addiction to social part unlike cigarettes. Very few people would go to smoke hookah by themselves unlike cigarette smokers. Additionally, hookah is flavored which makes it crucial to enjoy the taste. However, we smoke any kind of cigarettes regardless of the quality when our body demands it.

Another significant difference I experienced was my performance when I hit the gym. Maybe it was also because of the age difference or psychologic effect on my mind, I couldn’t work out like I used to after cigarettes. In the end, both were harmful, and had that horrible smell you could feel on your clothes in the morning.

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How did I Decide to Quit Smoking?

Honestly, I don’t know. Most likely, I was overwhelmed with my body’s reaction such as being tired all the time, waking up with horrible taste, and never feeling satisfied with level of nicotine even after chain smoking. In addition, I have started to change brands repeatedly to find some sort of cigarettes that I’d like. Every time I changed to a different brand, I ended up with disappointment. In November, I was visiting my friends in Texas and they also raised the same question “How to Quit Smoking”.

One of my friends mentioned about his friend using vaporizer to quit smoking. However, I was hesitant about this as I tried e-cigs to quit smoking years ago. I couldn’t succeed back then because it was highly inconvenient to charge it and find tanks to purchase. I was using Blu e-cigs and it was relatively new to the market though it was one of the best. So, the inconvenience with battery and refills led me back to traditional tobacco. Anyways, my friends have successfully planted “would vaping help to quit smoking” question in my mind.

My main concern was to be determined to quit smoking. Because I just didn’t want to fail on the process again. Over the years, my family and friends have always complained about my smoking habit though I never took it seriously. I had to make the decision myself instead of trying to please others.

What are the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

Moreover, there were other options to quit smoking other than vaporizers. As using vaporizers to quit smoking is just choosing less evil. So, I have visited smokefree.gov and let me tell you this website is a complete joke. Probably, people who have designed this website have never smoked in their life. The only useful article was “Explore Quit Methods” where they listed each way to quit smoking. For sure, listed methods to quit smoking on this website are much healthier than using vaporizers. However, I know they wouldn’t work for me as my addiction is more related to smoke itself.

Here is the list of most effective methods to quit smoking on smokefree.gov

  • Counseling Plus Medication
  • Varenicline (Chantix®)
  • Nicotine Patch (Nicoderm CQ®)
  • Bupropion SR (Wellbutrin® or Zyban®)
  • Nicotine Gum (Nicorette®)
  • Combined Medications
  • Nicotine Lozenge (Nicorette®)
  • Telephone Counseling and Support
  • Nicotine Inhaler (Nicotrol® Inhaler)
  • Self-help Guides and Other Materials
  • Nicotine Nasal Spray (Nicotrol®)
  • In-person Counseling and Support
  • Online Programs
  • Laser Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture

If you think that one of these methods would help you quit smoking, go ahead and try. I’m sure these methods are much more reliable and scientifically tested in comparison to vaporizers.

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Which Vaporizer Brand is the Best Help to Quit Smoking?

As I mentioned earlier, this article is not sponsored. I suggest you do your own research for the most suitable option for you. I also need to warn you that scientists commonly say vaporizer technology hasn’t been enough tested yet. It requires years of scientific experiments for accurate results. Let’s get back to my experience with vaporizer.

In the end of November, I have stopped by one smoke shop and checked out few brands. I wanted to make sure the one I’ll purchase should have long-lasting battery. With help of salesperson, I have purchased Vaporesso Revenger and Naked Liquid. However, because the store ran out of tobacco-flavored liquor, I had to purchase some weird liquid with melon. I must tell you, it tastes good for the first few days, but doesn’t replace traditional tobaccos for sure. By the time I finish the liquid, I found myself smoking cigarettes again. I wasn’t even considering quitting smoking anymore.

Two months later, I walked into a gas station and saw Naked tobacco-flavored liquid. This was the moment I again realized I want to quit smoking and purchased it. I’m feeling much more confident and don’t crave for cigarettes anymore. In the future, I’m planning to write few more articles if there is any change about the situation.

In addition, I’m planning to research and discover more about the side effects of vaporizers to inform you. So far, being able to quit smoking is just good enough for me.